yeah… i planned it like that… sure…

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I poorly designed this page. The images on the right only show up correctly for certain screen sizes. I apologize for people with wussy monitors. =P If you can’t tell, they’re images that I have lying around my hard drive the night I got this blog up-and-running. How many of the characters do you recognize? Mmm… ?

I don’t like most blogs I’ve come across. Most people try so hard to make theirs look stylish that they don’t have much to talk about besides some on-line quiz they took to see which Backstreet Boy they are most like or how slutty someone is dressing at school. There’s also the “popular” blogs that are nothing more than pretentious soapboxes for people who are insecure about themselves. Then there’s the worst: blogs that talk about their cats. So pointless.

This is where I lay down some rules for myself concerning my own blog. No, I’m not going to redesign this site every three months and start using weird symbols because they look “cool.” No, I’m not going to post results from on-line quizzes I take. I personally don’t care which Star Wars character I most resemble. No, I’m not going preach without being responsible for the consequences. And I definitely not going to talk about my cat (I don’t have one anyway).

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  1. My sole rule for my weblog is that I post whatever I feel like, without regard to what people might want to read. ^_^ Yours is good too, but I confess that I find those online quizzes fun. *ducks*