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The last few movies I saw…

The Tuxedo – there’s not enough action, especially for a Jackie Chan movie. But, even though I don’t like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I didn’t feel she distracted from the movie. She’s another great comic foil for Jackie Chan like Owen Wilson, but she’s most definitely not as funny as Chris Tucker. Despite the ludricous plot, it was still a very enjoyable movie.

Spirited Away – saw it subbed. The theater rocked… it was at the newly-renovated Palo Alto art house, and the seats were pure velvet. Ok, there’s not much to say about the movie itself that hasn’t been covered in my R2 review. The movie print, though, wasn’t red at all… in fact… it was a bit green.

XXX – I liked this movie. Honestly. Despite another ludricous spy plot, the movie actually kept me entertained with lots of explosions, more explosions, and a few bike tricks thrown in. Vin’s just perfect for the part, and the cinematics remind me of a cross between Blade and Die Hard.

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