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Just digging through some of my bookmarks… I’m going to go through a few anime sites today. Here are some that I visit quite a bit (my own excluded):

AnimeOnDVD : http://www.animeondvd.com/ : the authoritive reference for everyone’s favorite addiction — little DVD discs with anime on it. Preferable 5+ episodes and tons of extras.

DVDAnimania : http://www.wildcoast.org/dvd/ : used to be very good, up there with AnimeOnDVD, but then the owner had problems and stopped updating.

Animefringe : http://www.animefringe.com/ : my second favorite on-line anime magazine. Updated the first of each month with lots of interesting content. Maybe sba will make their web showcase someday.

Anime Daisuki Magazine : http://puraraanimedaisuki.tripod.com/2002-09-15.htm : my favorite on-line anime magazine. Used to be a normal site, but then got converted to magazine format when the owner got busy. Best info on new shows running in Japan. Period.

Jupiterstar: http://www.jupiterstar.com/ : sake, bugs, and angels was originally going to be a Jubei-chan site until I found this page. That’s how damn good it is. Despite not having a forum, it’s Love Hina is tops on the web.

Anihabara : http://east.sakura.ne.jp/aniba/aninews/japan/ : another great site for news from Japan. Not updated enough though.

Omoiwa : http://omoiwa.anime-ftp.com/ : an interesting dating sim site. This link is a gift to Variable.

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