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I’m not a programmer… in fact, I only program when I work on sake, bugs, and angels, but I enjoy it. But to keep my skills up, I periodically work on new ideas or new sites. Most of the time, the ideas don’t pan out, but sometimes they do. For example, the current incarnation of sba uses a similar design as my scrapped fansite for Mahoromatic.

Well… I have tons of ideas for a new engine for sba… integration with vBulletin so fan art and fan fic would update themselves is the major one. Unfortunately, my skills aren’t there yet. Or, more precisely, I have no skills in mySQL manipulation right now, and I don’t understand the vB query system anyway. What I would like is to have the user post a certain way in the forum, the site would auto-harvest, and then create a page based on (1) the user who submitted (2) the comments others leave. Other ideas are mostly speed/coding improvements.

A new layout is more straightforward. I can coax the current engine to conform to a new layout. I’ve been playing with a version that gets rid of the side image (it eats up too much horizontal real estate, ironically) and adds greater integration across all the pages.

This is my typical design cycle… I usually draw something by hand. Then I take the next step and put it into Photoshop. Finally, based on the Photoshop prototype, I start coding the HTML. If I like how everything is coming along, which is next to never, I then break up the HTML into PHP.

I’m also big into cryptic project names. I already decided that the next generation of sake, bugs, and angels will be called IKELOS. There also seems to be stretches where I capitalize a lot… or when I don’t capitalize any…

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