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I was at Safeway when I was approached by two Italian guys with cigs and fancy suits. They didn’t seem to speak the best English, but my jist was they were fashion people from Emporio Armani, and they needed to dump some samples before returning to Italy. They offered to sell me four leather jackets for $600. At first, I thought it was a scam. Then I checked out the merchandise, and it was very new and very high quality. So I decided to hedge my bets and offered them $200 for all four jackets. They tried to haggle with me for $400, but I told them, “Hey, my ATM card only has a $200 limit, and I’m broke right now.” Even showed them my wallet and offered to pay $400 by credit card instead.

Yes, it’s a crime to knowingly purchase stolen goods. I don’t think these were stolen. I think these were samples that they were supposed to have sold on a trip here but ran out of time to sell. It’s better to get rid of them than to return and have to pay duty on them must have been their thoughts. They also indicated, via poor English, that they really needed American cash to purchase DVD and other electronics. They also made me promise I wouldn’t resell the jackets, which adds to my guess that they really are company employees. The company might even accept this behavior.

They way I see it is that at least I’m buying a legitimately made product from a desperate seller. It’s not like I’m buying bootleg PS2 games or downloading Chobits and other licensed anime off Kazaa.

Here’s a picture. Two are men’s, one of which is oversided. They’re all leather, and I checked against a few Armani websites. These typcially go for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Then there’s the issue of what I’m going to do with the jackets. First off, it’s way too hot in California to wear heavy leather jackets. Then I realized that I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, so I plan on using these as my Christmas gifts.

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