kareshi kanojo no pokemon and other bad ideas

I was thinking about this during the Giants/Angels game, and this is probably why you don’t see a lot of anime crossovers… here are top ten reasons why:

10. Azumangaflowne— The fate of Gaia lies in the strength of the last dragon king: Kimura-sensei and the wing goddess from the mystic moon of Osaka. Their friends include the mightly and prodigal, but exceedingly young, knight of Austuria, Chiyo Schezar, and the loud, annoying catgirl Merletomo.

9. Ronin Kenshin— Kenshin just failed to get into Toudai for the second straight year. The poor ronin now has to take a job being the manager for a local girl’s dorm just to make ends meet. It’ll take all of his battousai skills to survive with Naru of the punch, Motoko of the sword, Kitsune of the bottle, Suu of the mecha-turtles, and Shinobu of the frying pan.

8. Neon Genesis’ Toy— Ultra Relax. By huge, freakin’ robots and weird-lookin’ angels. And you thought Eva 25/26 were scary.

7. Yu-Gi-Cooly— Yugi’s most dangerous quest… the search for the six millenium guitars. New to his deck: the Vespa card capable of moving stylishly through the board and the Cantos card with HDTV-compatible input. Move over Blue-eyes White Dragon… it’s Atomos now!

6. Kareshi Kanojo no Pokemon— the truth behind Pokemon sexuality exposed. Are there male/female Pokemon? Or are they asexual? Or are they pod aliens? This bold, daring crossover exposes the truth.

5. Vampire Hunter Initial D— Takumi delivers tofu by day, hunts vampires at night in a Hachi Roku while drifting at night.

4. Munchy Munchy Menchi— ’nuff said.

3. You’re Under Serial Experiments— Miyuki and Natsumi get transferred to the net crimes division, and things have never been this trippy.

2. I My Me Gundam Wing— Heero, Due, Trowa, and the rest of the gang are called back to duty when Relena disappears from the school where she was teaching, and they go undercover as teachers to discover why. Unfortunately, it’s all all-girls school with an all-female staff. Also introducing the new Gundam Wing Ribbon and Gundam Heavyarms Mascara.

And the #1 reason against anime crossovers…

1. Revolutionary Average College Student Keiichi— one moment Keiichi is trying to order some pizza, next thing he knows he’s racing for the hand of the Tea Bride (Tamiya, of course). The Goddess Council along with the Desu-Da of the World seem to be toying with his destiny… will he be able to be average enough to defy them and remain true to his Tea Bride?

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