random anime tidbits

While I was scouraging around trying to find the OMG! Movie Mook, a Love Hina artbook called Love Hina Infinity was recently released. It’s basically a redo of Love Hina 0 but with the inclusion of a previously unpublished chapter of Love Hina.

Akamatsu’s other two recent series, Earth Defender Mao-chan (little kids who drive tanks) and Asagiri no Miko (family of priestesses battle demonic forces) both feature Horie Yui as a starring seiyuu. She even sings the OP/ED for Mao-chan.

Mahoromatic 2 is not the only Gainax series airing right now. They also have Puchi Puri Yuushi, which seems to be about a 10 year old girl living in a fantasy world.

Lastly, the Rahxephon movie looks to be just a recap of the series. How disappointing.

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