machi deserves better

So I finally– after three months– received my new volume for Nagasarete Airantou. Sadly, I discovered that my HP scanner is not doing too well these days. The black and white images are fine, but the color ones are way off… and this is the result after tweaking in Photoshop:

“Waah! I’m off color!” (Old HP)

“Watch out Suzu!” (New Canon)

Machi (or is this Ayane…) is supposed to look a lot pinker. The right side is tinted because I didn’t feel like destroying my manga’s spine for the scan. Then I tried my roommate’s two other scanners, and they are so old we couldn’t get them to work in Windows XP. Needless to say, we don’t have any computers that run anything else… so I’m thinking of getting a new scanner. *sigh*

Edit: I bought a new scanner, and I’m surprised at how cheap these things are. My new Canon is roughly 1/4th the size/weight of my old HP, yet it has 4x the resolution at 1/4 of the price.

As for Ikuto and Suzu’s adventures… I’m happy this is geared for little kids cuz there isn’t as much kanji as OMG!. Then again, should little kids really be exposed to so much nudity?

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  1. So when are you coming to the East Bay to see me and Jon, hmmmm?

  2. Who produces this manga?? I really want to know because I want to buy it!

  3. I posted links in another entry.