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Best Graphics: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (XBOX)
The high def in-game widescreen graphics have not been paralleled by any game since… and the fact that such tasty graphics portray scantily-clad women playing beach volleyball, well, it’s a winner. Runner Up: Panzer Dragoon Orta (XBOX). Sweep for the XBOX…

Best Fighter: Guilty Gear X2 (PS2)
I’m shocked by this choice. Truly shocked. Runner Up: Soul Calibur 2 (XBOX). As cool as Link is, the GCN controller is just a nightmare to play SC2 on.

Best RPG Not Branded Final Fantasy: Xenosaga (PS2)
Android chix0r who wears garters into battle… there’s a winner. Helps to have a pretty damn fun battle system to boot and that Xenocard minigame. Runner Up: Disgaea (PS2). Prinnies dood! Probably the best dialogue in an RPG.

Best Line: Johnny from Guilty Gear X2 (PS2)
When he tries to pick up Bridget. Runner Up: Disgaea (PS2). All of the Next Episode previews.

Best CG Intro That Reminds You of a Feature Film: Panzer Dragoon Orta (XBOX)
Reminded me of Nausicaa. Runner Up: Final Fantasy XI (PC). Reminded me of The Two Towers except the good guys got slaughtered. @_@

Best GCN Game: The Wind Waker (GCN)
For all its beauty and cel-shaded coolness. Runner Up: NONE. Sad, hun?

Worst Online Community: Gunbound (PC)
The worst collection of people to ever play online games together. Absolutely lame to play anymore. Runner Up: Warcraft III. I cannot play ladder matches anymore– the idiots who fill the universe are, well, idiots… at least I have some place to turn to (at least until the PS2 version is released):

Game of the Year: Final Fantasy XI (PC)
I cannot think of a game that has impressed me with its breadth and its variety as this. The game is polished, looks great, and has a pretty good user base (for an MMORPG). Runner Ups: Guilt Gear X2 (PS2), Xenosaga (PS2), Disgaea (PS2), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA).


Best Traditional Couple: Kaoru and Aoi from Enishi
So sweet… how can no one else in the house know that they’re getting it on? Runner Up: Sagura and Chidori from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. At least he doesn’t take her out fishing again…

Best Untraditional Couple: Jose and Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl
It’s like The Professional… in anime… and with sinister brainwashing. Runner Up: Everyone and Eve from Yami. It’s like There’s Something About Mary without the hair gel…

Best Anime Shown on American TV: Crest/Battleflag of the Stars
Kudos to TechTV for showing anime that’s not Pokemon-ish childish. It’s a great series for people lucky enough to receive TechTV. Runner Up: Hellsing. For like the few who get Encore Action Channel, is there anything better than Hellsing subbed, uncut, and commerical free? Nope. Too bad I’ve seen the series multiple times already.

Best Hentai Dating Game Turned PG-Rated Anime: Yami
Great plot, excellent animation, and lotsa fanservice. Almost makes us forget about all the hentai we’re missing… Runner Up: Tsukihime. I love Narg’s line: Stabby Keitaro!

The Series That We Wished Didn’t End: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
More more more!

The Series That We Wished Did End: Inu Yasha
Make it stop. Please.

Best Rip-off of The Matrix: Scrapped Princess
Don’t get me wrong– I liked this series a lot, but the whole world in a world thing with “the one”… well… it’s been done.

Manga of the Year: Nagasarete Airantou
Guy gets stranded on island populated solely of hot chix0rs. Yes, it’s not terribly original, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. That and it’s got Suzu.

Fanservice of the Year: Ikkitousen (Sadly, translated as Battle Vixens)
As someone who left a comment in my blog said it best, it’s Sun Ce with titties. Runner Ups: Yami, Divergence Eve, Maburaho

Happy New Year everyone. C-ya in 2004. :)

2 Responses to “best of 2003”

  1. You asked, “is there anything better than Hellsing subbed, uncut, and commerical free?”

    Yes there is: Hellsing DUBBED and commercial free.

    God how I love the US version so much more. Walter, Jan, Integra, and Alexander are a 100 times better than their Japanese counterparts (no insult to their Japanese VA’s however).

  2. Yami is actually better than Tsukihime? Err… I don’t know if I can really believe that… Oh well, Moekan is better than both. ;)