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Okay, it’s been a while since I made a post. In the past month, I have had to plan a move, and I quit my job. So between finding a new place to live and a new job, I’ve gained a whole four levels in FFXI. Considering that I got almost forty levels the month prior… well… Christmas vacation helped…

Anyway, the new anime scene has been pretty dull with a few of my favorites, Yami, Enishi, and Fumoffu all ending at about the same time. Yami had probably the best ending, as nothing beats out good chix0r on chix0r action. Enishi‘s was just dumb… a storyarc about Tina moving away? WTF? Isn’t the series supposed to be about Kaoru and Aoi?

I’m finding both Chrno Crusade and Gunslinger Girls to be good, but not as good as Yami or Fumoffu or have any sort of fanservice. Ok, CC does have a maid who is in the eps for like a whole ten seconds… good for fanboys, but not me. Luckily, I’m finding some anime enjoyment out of a genre I really never watch: magical girls! Ok, I lie… my first anime DVDs that I bought were my Jubei-chan ones… so it’s fitting that I watch it’s sequel: Siberian Counterattack.

Eyepatches are back in style.

The premise is that life is back to normal after the first series, except that the Hajime brothers are into hentai now… until we discover that there’s a rift in the Yagyu clan and the Northerners want to take revenge on Yagyu Jubei. Unfortunately, as we learned in the previous series, Jubei is actually a middle school girl who has no interest in anything involving swords, ninjas, or blood feuds. I have great hope for the series– it started nicely and in the same wacky fashion as the original. What I didn’t realize though was that Horie Yui is the voice of Jiyu… I didn’t recognize her voice until the ED. I had to go back and rewatch the first series again.

Then I found something called Cosprayers which seems to be about some girls who turn into tennis players to save the world. I don’t understand the plot at all, but the ED is probably the most fanservice-filled ED I have ever seen.


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  1. I don’t watch Chrno Crusade anymore… there just isn’t enough meido in it for me (although I savor what little it has). I’m just going to wait until they have an episode dedicated to her. =3

    Me want Hanaukyo and Twin Girls now.