the vampire effect

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I recently watched a movie called The Vampire Effect. It’s a fairly recent Hong Kong action movie, and the production values are high (for a Hong Kong movie). The premise is that a vampire hunter and his partner/wife has his little sister moving in with them. This causes some tension between the sister and the wife, so the sister goes out clubbing and meets this suave vampire whom she falls in love with. Oddly, even though she has the power to detect vampires, she could not tell that this guy was one. Apparently, this vampire is one of the sons of the king vampire, and if the blood of all the sons are gathered, then the vampire that drinks that blood can become a daywalker (for people who watch Blade). Oddly, this vampire is a brooding Asian adult while the rest of the sons are Caucasian toddlers.

As for vampire hunting, these people are not Buffy. They cannot beat up even a single lowbie vampire at the beginning of the movie, and, somehow at the end, they manage to clear an entire room a la Kill Bill Vol. 1 without breaking a sweat including the dark mastermind vampire. Even with its numerous plot holes and nonsensical plot, I kept watching mainly because it also featured Jackie Chan. Even though he had a decent role in the movie and he dominated the outtakes at the end, his name wasn’t in the credits… in this movie, he plays himself… though I can totally understand why he didn’t want his name associated with such a train wreck of a movie.

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