getting old

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I recently celebrated one of my good friend’s twenty-fourth birthday… it got me thinking into how old I am…

Top Ten Ways I’m Old

10. I remember Inoue Kikuko for roles other than “older woman caretaker” (Gad Guard, Chobits, Yumeria, etc.).

9. I played Final Fantasy 1 on a console other than the PlayStation, WonderSwan, or cell phone. (Corrollary: Final Fantasy didn’t start with 7 for me.)

8. I can’t count my age anymore despite using all my fingers and toes.

7. “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” (Corrollary: “Where’s the beef?”)

6. I used to be able to load and play Doom using a 12 meg ramdrive.

5. Spending hours optimizing config.sys and autoexec.bat to run that resource hog Oregon Trail.

4. I have a “Eat My Shorts” T-shirt.

3. Crystal Pepsi.

2. Ocarina of Time? Puh-leeze. A Link to the Past.

1. The Anime meido revolution hasn’t started yet.

4 Responses to “getting old”

  1. Here Here to the last one. Coke II and atari and tandy. Oh yeah, and I love the princess from the original sonic cartoon.

  2. Hahahaha, Crystal Pepsi.

  3. Yes… that was the Dark Age of anime. A time without sekushi meido everywhere to keep the fanboys happy.

    Such a cold and lifeless era. ;_;


  4. In that case jason, we’re BOTH getting old.

    Reminiscing of younger days,