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I saw Final Fantasy X-2 on sale at Circuit City so I decided to pick up a copy. I managed to stumble through the first episode on my Japanese copy, and I must admit the game is a lot more enjoyable in English. Yes, there’s a plot to go along with collecting outfits for YuRiPa. At first, I thought the game was like DOAX except with less revealing outfits– then after finding out all the little side missions, it felt a lot more like Grand Theft Auto except with less hookers.

I’m a Gap girl!

Besides how funny Yuna and Rikku walk around now (they look like hunchbacks…) I think the game needs more dress spheres:

  • Aerobic Dress Sphere ## perform stretching exercies (kinda like song buffs, except, uh, more eye candy)
  • Meido Dress Sphere ## you can’t attack, you can’t get hurt… you just sit there and look all dolled up…
  • Tarutaru Dress Sphere ## moogle is so 1997… tarutaru forever! /panic
  • Jellyfish Pirate Dress Sphere ## not too different from Setzer… tossing a few coins, pulling a few mistfiners…
  • Bonta-kun Dress Sphere ## alternate ultimate outfit for Paine

In other news, the shoutbox is back up and running. ^^

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  1. That’s right! I can’t believe there isn’t a Meido Dress Sphere anywhere in the game. Not even a bonus or joke outfit for one.

    What kind of heartless freak in Square-Enix didn’t approve it? Who does Narg have to kill for his daily dose of Meido Fanservice?

    Hmm… there needs to be more Meido in mainstream video games these day. Guilty Gear should have one in it. Jam comes close (having been a waitress and all), but its not the same. Melty Blood r0x da s0x 0ff because it has TWOddesses in it… and they work together)… even in bed. =3