it fell off. i swear!

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My Dell laptop suffered yet another breakdown this week. If you remember, I had just sent it back a few months ago when my video card got fried. This time, the LCD screen decided to disattach itself from the mainboard portion while I was typing out an e-mail. Luckily, the screen suffered no damage, but the laptop is non-functional. I am very glad I purchased the extended warranty for this thing: I have two weeks left on my warranty so Dell is going to fix this problem… just I won’t see my laptop for another 1-2 weeks.

Unfortunately, my other computer is not very powerful, so I will not be playing FFXI in the near future. My old laptop is a Gateway that I have owned for seven years, and I haven’t had a problem with, just for the record…

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  1. Ouch! Well, I wish the best of luck to your laptop. also, Good to hear that your other computers are in good enough shape to fall back on.

    Feeling happy for you,