sensei no ojikan

Keeping with my last post about middle schoolers doing mature things, there’s a new series called Sensei no Ojikan (Teacher’s Time) that’s very similar to Azumanga. Sensei no Ojikan is a four panel gag manga turned comedic anime madness based on everyone’s stereotypical role. The twist, I guess, is that it mostly revolves its teacher, who resembles Chiyo-chan in appearence. She’s so tiny that she can fit inside the student’s bookbags. The class is composed of standard stereotypes– the class rep, the otaku, the old man, the guy good at sports, the bishounen, the bishoujo, the gay guy, and the lesbian. You know, the typical non-Negima middle school composition. Oh wait, they don’t have a clueless transfer from Osaka… yet.

From episode 1

Fans of Azumanga should check this out. It’s a light comedy that’s very funny.

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  1. Oh, C’mon. She doesn’t look that much like Chiyo-chan. Height-wise yes, but she can’t be that much like her.

    Disputing the facts,

  2. but sensei no ojikan came first, right?