hanaukyo 5

In a very enjoyable episode of La Verite, Ikuyo publishes her own doujinshi (about Konoyne no less…) and forces the entire Hanaukyo gang to come along and help peddle it with some “service, service”. After twenty minutes or so of fanboy appeasement, Ryuka bumps into Taro and realizes that the only way to get close to Taro is to become a maid.

So let’s test your anime IQ… how many of these cosplay characters can you recognize? Bonus points if you can correctly identify Lemon, Maron, and Melon…

1. Lemon? 2. Maron? 3. Melon?
4. Mariel. 5. Grace. 6. Taro.

Answers! (Highlight)

1. Komugi, Soul Taker, Nurse Witch Komugi
2. Alucard, Hellsing
3. Nonomi, Gunparade March
4. Chii, Chobits (Tanaka Rie is VA for both Chii and Mariel, hence the awesome cosplay. She even does lines in her Chii voice.)
5. Sugar, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar (great for Cynthia… too bad it was Grace…)
6. Mahoro, Mahoromatic (Ikuyo gets Taro to say her trademark line too!)

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  1. The beauty of Hanaukyo has claimed another for the Revolution! Bwa, ha, ha, ha!