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I was enjoying a Strawberry Tsunami from Jamba Juice earlier, and just wanted to do some calorie counting (based on 16oz servings) on my top ten list… just remember that you have to jog for about half an hour to burn off 350 calories.

Top Ten Summer Drinks 2nd Gig

10. Diet Pepsi Twist 1 calorie, 0g sugar

Meta: there’s one fundamental difference between Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke… Diet Coke uses a mix of aspartame and saccrin, and saccrin is artificial sweetner that caused cancer in lab rats. Diet Pepsi uses only aspartame. As to the safeness, I’ll just say this… heart disease and diabetes kill more Americans every year than cancer… so real sugar is more harmful than fake sugar by leaps and bounds.

9. Milkshake In&Out 690 calories, 62g sugar (15 oz)

8. Arnold Palmer 100 calories, 26g sugar

7. Mocha Smoothie Costco no clue, but someone else asked a similar question already

6. Mountain Dew Code Red 220 calories, 62g sugar

5. Martenelli Sparkling Apple Cider 280 calories, 62g sugar

4. Java Chip Frap Starbucks 370 calories, 69g sugar

3. Milk Coffee Tapioca Express 350 calories + 100 calories/7 tapioca balls (incidentally, Tapioca Express’ homepage does not provide nutritional info on their products… isn’t this in violation of various USDA rules for restaurant franchises?)

2. Green Bean Smoothie Verde Tea Shop no clue

1. Berry Lime Sublime Jamba Juice 460 calories, 84g sugar (24 oz info… cuz who can drink smaller Jamba Juice sizes?)

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