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I never noticed this before, but Asuna’s eyes are of different colors. It just doesn’t stand out in the manga art, but it’s very vivid in the promo teaser that came with the latest drama CD. The eye color issue hasn’t come up in the manga, yet, as to why this is special… anyone know?

Part Al-Bhed?

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  1. Aside that they clash? It’s just kind of creepy.

  2. I noticed it when I saw the preview for the animation and it was very startling (almost too much so).

  3. The reason in her eyes is sorta explained in the anime, although I cannot find the 23rd episode to actually describe it to me. There’s a nice plot twist that should’ve happened in Love Hina, but didn’t, and this made me happy in a sick sort of way.

  4. Asuna got what’s called Heterochromia; it’s a sort of illness that causes the eyes to be different colors (not dangerous at all), just like Yuna in Final Fanatsy X for example.
    There are also several celebrites that have it as well: Kate Bosworth, Jane Seymour, Mila Kunis etc.

    It’s a lot more normal and what it seems. ^^
    I think it looks great! I only have partly heterochromia (one of my eye is blue and the other half brown and half blue)
    It really makes her look more special, you know. ^^ Sorry if I wrote too much; I find it facinating!

  5. i don’t think dat her eyes r suppose 2 be 2 different colors…but i really like them…

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