melody of oblivion 24 (last episode)

Melody of Oblivion concludes with the final battle between Bocca and Monster King. The series ends the same way it started… and I think I just gave something away there. Bocca, Sayoko, and the rest will be missed as MoO featured some of the most creative fanservice with a huge dose of, uh, suggestive imagery in recent anime history. It also had an understated but very effective soundtrack, and that ED, Tenohira no Hikari, is highly addictive.

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  1. what do you mean by “The series ends the same way it start”?
    do you mean human lose the war?

  2. it is just somewhat like the start,but bokka is still alive still hunting the remaining monsters. the series ends on a sort of weird note

  3. I think you just ruined the ending… I have yet to decide if the ending was actually an ending, or if it was just some life goes on crap. If there’s a place that explains the series like the extensive wiki of Evangelion, that would be cool, except MOO isn’t that popular…

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