elfen lied 13 (last episode)

My favorite series since Mahoromatic concludes with more nakkid diclonius killing sprees. I’ve been ranting on and on about Elfen Lied the past few weeks in my blog now, and it’s definitely one of those rare shows with strong and memorable characters that stick with you after watching it. I hope ADV gives it the proper treatment in the US… the Japanese DVD, which came out yesterday, featured some nice goodies including the OST (which, disappointingly did not have a full length version of the OP, Lilium) and fold out posters of the images seen in the OP. Of course, it’s also $72… closer to $90 with shipping.

Spoiler warning!

I liked the last episode in that it tidied everything up along with the hint that Lucy could still be alive, without her horns. The significance of which was lost in the anime but explained in the manga as being the source of a diclonius’ killing emotions. Without her horns, Lucy becomes docile, tamed, and yet-another-harem-comedy cast member. Let me put it this way… hornless-Lucy goes around giving Nana breast checks. This aspect was neglected in the anime… to my dismay.

The final episode also featured some sort of record where every cast member except for Mayu and the dog cries. They’re all in pain… Yuka because she, well, loves her cousin, and he’s in pain and quite possibly cheating on her (maybe she just needs to give Sakuya and Chikage a call for emotional support)… Nana because for whatever reason, Mariko is Kurama’s true daughter (which was something that just came out of left field and rivals Dilandau’s true identify in Escaflowne as the most “WTF” moment in anime)… Mariko because she realizes that maybe she doesn’t need to kill to be happy… Kouta because he gets his memory back, and does he realize that he not only smooched his cousin but also the girl who ripped his sister in half?… and Lucy because she’s the nexus of which all of them converge. She just wants to live peacefully with Kouta… and… well… she can’t. I find it ironic that the main reason she kills is that people don’t let her live her life the way she wants to live it.


The whole series was sad. Not the “pity them sad” like Grave of the Fireflies or the “I can’t believe this is the ending sad” like Kare Kano. It’s not even the “oh, so yet another person dies sad” of Saikano. Yes, it was sad that Mayu was abused by her pedophilistic step father, but I couldn’t help but cheer for her as she accepted herself into Kouta’s house. Then she showed remarkable braverly standing up to the castrated, gimped army guy and was able to befriend both Nana and Lucy. Yes, it was sad watching Lucy rip Nana apart into five collectable pieces, but, in the end, Lucy ends up saving Nana, and the two showed that maybe diclonius can be friends with not only humans but with themselves. Yes, watching Lucy finally come to terms with Kouta and actually apologize to him… only for her to go off to face the music herself… definitely an emotional moment. It reminded me of Mahoro leaving Suguru in the second to last episode of Mahoromatic.

Definitely want more Lucy and diclonius nakkidness in the future, but with the manga stopped and the anime covering a good chunk of the available story, I doubt any more Elfen Lied will happen. And that makes me sad.


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  1. yo, where can i get some elfen lied manga? the series was soooo good, liked ur synopsis of the ending eps, and im kinda confused so i need the manga to clear stuff up like whut happens in the end. thx

    this series going to my top 15

  2. There gonna be a 14 episode?

  3. this is one of the best animes ive seen for long. its sooo sad and the plot and the charakters are soo good.but i hate it that the end is made that open not knowing whats going on.i think the elfen lied creators themselfes wanted us to argue about if lucy is dead or behind that door in the end(many hints like the dog and the clock and the 5th lunch dish).i was sad as it ended after kouta stoped before opening the door and it ended.

    and yes there is a episode 14. i hoped it would give answeres about the stuff left open in ep13 but its like a flashback.it happens somewhen after ep7 or something…

  4. Elfen Lied was one of the best anime i have ever seen. It certainlly made me think. The way that Mariko “played” with nana and the scientist said that it was like a child playing with an insect, ripping its wings off. So that leads me to this next point: Is it OK to kill someone or something just because you are stronger? All i know is this, we do it all the time so how exactly are we different from Mariko and the other horned mutants then?

  5. its so sad that ending ;-; i wished that the special ep was too conclude ep. 13 but it wasnt :( but it was a good special ep somewhat. damn shame that there is no more Elfen Lied coming ;-; my favorite series of all time.