pass the turkey

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Forgot to say this earlier, but I’m in the middle of my vacation in highly scenic but meido-lacking Michigan. I’ll be back in a week or so, but I’m hoping to finish up a post or two before then. In the meantime, here’s some Buri no Hibi 4 joo!

Is it y4l if it’s a girl cosplaying a guy who thinks he’s a girl but she’s really your right hand? The Freudian implications of this is staggering… or just another twisted anime fanboy. You decide.

5 Responses to “pass the turkey”

  1. OMG cuteness overload!

  2. Ah, you live! I was afraid Halo 2 consumed you…

    That last bit hurt my brain…

  3. Da Narg’ster says: “Play it safe. Just stick with meido.”

  4. Da Narg’ster applies that blanket philosophy to every aspect of life. The point is moot in this situation. -_-

  5. Kawai, kawai Midori is sooooooooo cute!

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