Quoted from Anime on DVD’s review of La Verite:

In the last few years, the maid genre of the anime series has become so prevalent that it reached a saturation point that started pushing away a number of fans. There’d been so many of these kinds of shows, even ones where maids make no sense in being involved, that you felt like you couldn’t shake a stick without hitting a character in a cute maid outfit. It’s even worse if you watch hentai series as well. The fetish for maids in anime continues to be fairly strong, especially if you go by what gets licensed these days, and we’re seeing a lot of them these days. Hanaukuyo Maid Team is just the latest.

For someone who claims to watch a lot of anime, I’m not sure if he realizes that the last meido series since La Verite that made it to the US was Mahoromatic. And that was, oh, two years ago… yes… this constitutes a “saturation point”. Of course, all that talk about hitting meidos is just blasphemy from an infidel. How can one even think this?!? It’s like hitting a cute kitten… just unacceptable.

Later on he rambles on in that review about “I’m leaning more and more towards finding maid shows to be the spawn of the devil”… how the hell does one call oneself capable of sensibly reviewing anime if one is of the opinion that “maid shows to be the spawn of the devil”? Meido, giant robots, and underaged transforming magical girls are the three pillars of anime. Without them, all we have is… DBZ.

I think AoD has provided a valuable service to fanboys and even mainstream types for a while now. Unfortunately, I hated to see it slowly degrade into a puppet of anime companies… and now it’s bashing meido. Probably the last straw for me.

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  1. Hmm… I’m sensing an oncoming rant from Narg-nii-san… Something along the lines of:

    “He dares to opose the Revolution??!!! SWIFT CRUSHING DEATH!”

  2. While I do agree with certain points contained within this post, I also can’t help but find this review of HM:LV a wee bit biased. ^^ A little too zealous in your defense of the meidos, me thinks?

  3. That evil unmeido worshipping heretic! How dare he oppose the glory of the Revolution and all it stands for! Such blaspheme is clearly a sign of intellect degradation!

    It makes me even wonder if he really watched [b]La Verite[/b] beyond the first few episodes. Such was its perfection, NEW converts into the Faith were made! [b]La Verite[/b] is one of the supreme shining examples of what the Revolution can produce when done correctly.

    Such gall for that infidel to subject the Revolution with ignorant bias and stereotyping! His time of Judgment will come… the Revolution never forgives… never forgets…


  4. “…all we have is. . .DBZ.” Really? Must be a satirical comment, surely. What about Serial Experiments: Lain? Vampire Hunter D? Texhnolyze? Full Metal Alchemist? Inu-Yasha? Ruroni Kenshin? Ghost in the Shell? Wonderful Days? Tenchi Muyo? .hack? Hardly one domestic, gundam, or magical girl in the bunch. Yes, must have been satirical. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to watching Hanaukyo Maids, again.

  5. Good film. Not Zhang Yimou’s best, but better than Hero imo.

  6. I’m agreeing with gridsleep on this one. While maids, mecha and magic girls are to be found in lots of anime, to say that they’re the 3 pillars of the art is abit too much. This just goes to show that peoples ideas of what anime is or should be differs, and more people would do good to remember this… IMNSHO : )

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