elfen lied 14… errr… 10.5?

The R2 DVDs had a bonus episode, which takes place chronologically before, uh, the ending. Kinda goes between 10 and 11, and definitely felt anticlimatic considering that if you watched the whole series, you know what has to happen in this episode. Almost like Revenge of the Sith. Oh well, at least they stuck a bath scene in there for Lucy and Nana.

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  1. i expected better from a special for elfen lied. i would have liked it to clear up things that left me wondering so much after watching the whole series. man do i wish they would make a movie to do that. but that seems highly unpropable

  2. Elfen lied is one of the best anime’s ever and Naruto is also one of the best.I cried every episode.when the last episode said “No Return” that just got me pissed off.I made pu my anime cause I want to be one of the best anime artists ever, I will have plenty of ninjas in my anime cause I love ninjas ,their stealth is so fucking crazy and the animation i’m gonna do if I can will be the best and Lucy will be there because she is cute plus with my character they make a good couple, unlike Khouta not that good, especialy Nyuu I miss her she is so cute I can’t stop thinking about her.I’m one of the biggest fans.I’ll be famous in Japan , they’ll bal down to me.Just to let you know I would take care of Nyuu and protect her and bathe her, I’m sorry I don’t want to be obsessed and because I know how Lucy feels and I know it souds crazy and dopusn’t make that much sence but, my characters father was born a demons power and had his son(my character) who was also born with it and his father gets out of control and tortures his son and he did bad things to him when Lucy was wacthing and my characther had to kill his best friend for wanting power to kill his own brother who did a little the same just like my cahracters father ,I didn’t really name anybody yet, but my characters best friends brother killed his own clan, my charaters friend was killed later by a evil shinobi and my character also wants to avenge him and my character was beaten by his own father and Lucy thinks he’s dead and years had gone by and my character still alive and he also fins a kid like him similar to Naruto and he acts like a brother to him and they train with each other one day Lucy sees him and dousn’t believe he’s alive and he figures out that she has another personality and he also needs to stop an evil team of shinobis(ninjas and he wants to live BLINDED FOR REVENGE.My anime will also be a bloody hit and hard action, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING .Call if anybody wants to talk (203)324-2300 weekdays after 2:30p.m, weekends whenever.Piece out.

  3. .. what the hell Eric?!

  4. What the hell Eric what, is’t my story creative?

  5. One childish low life fella, leave him alone with his ‘creative’ imagination

  6. I was reading through web sites and i found episode 14. you said it was R2 dvds, what do you mean? I really want to get it but not a clue how o get it …..

  7. I HATE IT (aka) yuka thing ugly fat stupid moron I want to kill it so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  8. I HATE it too. And she is an egotistical being who has no meaning in this world. Did I forget to say I HATE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I want to kill her so much too. i think her head is from point a her forhead to point b all around the world and back. I want to KILL her. PS The reason the E-mail’s are the same is because we are a group of friends that HATE [the thing]!! Thats all and the thing does nothing through the whole thing. And it is her fault that Kanae got killed (poor her, she had to be related to the whatever it is)

  10. Hate is such a strong word

  11. I loved the Elfen Lied series and I miss Nyu,she so cute, i’m worried because I don’t know if she died or not.I made up my anime because I want to be an anime artist, my story is about, Eric’s story

    it starts when my characters father was planning to kill all diclonious and so my character meets Lucy at the age of like 10 and so they get along and one day his father finds out he’s friend’s with a diclonious so he tells him what’s the problem me being friends with Lucy and he say’s, she’s your enemy and my character say’s I don’t care what you say and he hits him.I also forgot to tell you he has some kind of wind demon sealed in him as a weapon to destroy diclonious.In my anime ninjas are the ones meant to kill and my character doesn’t want that he wants them to have a good life and enjoy having fun, he’ll do anything to save them all.My character disobeys him and his father begins to fade away even more and more till hes gone.So he starts to not care about my character and treats him like nothing to him and his mom died and he feels like he had a sister who was a diclonious he just dousn’t know what happened to her.His father tries to kill him and does it in front of Lucy, he slashes him with a kunai knife on his back diagnolly.2 years later he gets a new friend who’s brother killed his own clan and he wants his revenge , but seems happy when my character meets him.They enjoy training with each other and hhis riends personality is a little atittudish.So another 2 years later he sees his own brother right in front of him and he thinks it’s a nightmare when my character arrives his own friend was killed in front of his eyes, seeking for more revenge and tells him when he’s dieng he will not let him live he’ll kill him than just trieng to kill his father, his anger to wanting to kill.He rushes to him and uses a slick power he has, to see anything coming at him when fighting and a symbol in your eyes you can see when it’s unleashed and Lucy was wacthing when Akira’s best friend died she was going to help him but she was afraid he will die if Akira’s best friends brother saw him with her and thats how Akira’s best friend died , because he was best friends with Lucy , just because she’s a Diclonious.He’s 18 years old now he finds a kid like him also like naruto and also has a mysterious demon in him unlimited power, he teaches him a one of the two legendary jutsus which is like putting power into your palm and forms into a ball that energy flows both directions and this move takes 2 years to master and he does it in a couple of weeks cuz of a secret he has hidden.He treats him like a brother to him and he sees Lucy again and she ignores thinking he’s dead, my character finds out she has another personality, he treats her with care, she(Nyuu) likes him and she thinks he’s nice.He says, he’ll protect her and nothing can’t stop him.Later on he sees his Best friends brother and he is BLINDED FOR REVENGE,he tries to beat him as promised to his friend and his friends brother almost kills him because he’s fast and so he unleashes the wind demons power the more wind the stronger he is and you can see everywhere wind and so much electricity, this power is the other legendary jutsus and puts electricity into his palm and his anger makes him take his power seeing what gets in his way level up to the next stage and he risks his lfe using it to succeed the promise he made andstrikes him and for the finishing uses the legendary move he taught to Tetsu(the kid),I was thinking of calling my character Akira but i’m not sure.He put’s the power into his palm and shuves it his friends brothers mouth slicing his insides into the wall and he’s done,Later on he wants to be prepared just incase he sees his father anywhere that he’ll kill him so he tries to get power tolevel uphis powerwhich he’ll defenitly lose himself and a way Tetsu does’nt want him to so he tries to stop him and say’s, i’ll stop even if it takes my life or i’ll just brake your arms and legs and fight till he does seek his power and Loses himself when he faces his father so the only way to get out of it is love so Lucy kisses him take all the evil out of him.Anyways thats my story,and just to let you know i’m one of the biggest fans for ninjas.I miss Nyu she’s so cute.She’s my girl,no one elses.The only reason why I hate Khouta is because when Lucy and Khouta were small, khouta told Lucy he was going to the fair with a boy cousin and it made her feel bad when she actually saw him with Yuka and if he told the truth she would’ve not have gotten that mad.My e-mail is http://www.anime_japan1@yahoo.com if you want to chat.You should check out these videos: http://video.google.com/videop.....38;pl=true , http://video.google.com/videop.....38;pl=true hope you like them, PIECE OUT^_^.

    I didn’t like the Khouta treated Nyu like a little child, it kind of pissed me off:evil:, oh and how do you like my story?: is’nt it better than the original Elfen Lied series? if you don’t think i’ll show you when I go to Japan, I’ll be the legend twisted And for some reason I just keep thinking about the series for some reason, it’s just so sad Nyu is my girl and she’s cute and it’s not Khoutas girl and it never Khoutas girl just a friend ,in my anime, it’s my chracters girl AKIRA(A-ki-da) so thats why I hate Khouta.I love Lucy/Nyu , and when I mean I love Lucy I love , I love her more than anybody and I wish I can be with her unlike Khouta,i’ll actually treat her like a girlfriend and I think thats fucked up that she’s a virgin for some reason and I would always love Lucy/Nyu I would never stop thinking about her I always do 24/7 and fuck Kakasawa’s plans.E-MAIL http://www.anime_japan1@yahoo.com , PIECE OUT, and nobody touches my girl.

  12. I added more stuff into my story hope you like it.BONUS:Later on he figures out that his father never really died and he get’s angry so in the very later parts Akira’s demon wants to kill more people, so Akira in a kind of way fights his evil self and Akira is actually a god people beloved it was a loving god,so Akira starts getting cut by wind and slamed in walls , he couln’t take the pain so he tells everyone he loves, i’m sorry and he becomes AWAKENED AKIRA and AWAKENED AKIRA is a god form of Akira and he heals himself and other people and he’s strong, then he sees a vision of the demon himself ending him with a big slash that cuts him in half, so when Akira saw his vision he was about to get cut, then Akira ended himself the Wind Demon, so Akira half dies in akind of way because he is a god of love and he killed himself so that means he also kind of killed him.Akira later on turns in to stone Tetsu sees him and thinks that he died so he cries,later on Lucy thinks about him and also thinks about how much she loved him, but all Akira wanted was PEACE.Later Tetsu keeps Akira’s weapon, the Wind Boomerang Shuriken as a memory of good times they had.Later in the series Tetsu could’ve sworn he saw someone , he sees a glimpse of him and he say’s it looks like Akira ,but he’s not sure.So Tetsu wants finish of Akira’s father for him and kill his enemy that killed his whole family, he still sees Lucy once ina while and share the person they both saw, Lucy also thinks it’s Akira, and she say’s she sees him in her dreams.This will be the best anime ever , you’ll see.If you want to share anything, my e-mail anime_japan1@yahoo.com ,PIECE OUT LUCY .

  13. I’m just passing through and more than likely will never return to this page again, but there are just a few things I would like to say before I go.

    Alright, I really loved Elfen Lied, but damn, it’s an anime! Jeez, go outside once in awhile and meet some real people instead of acting like you actually know the characters in a made up story… Get some freakin’ therapy or something. Get a real girlfriend or boyfriend instead of obsessing over someone who does not exist. Oh, and dude, it’s “peace out”, not “piece out”. Duh. Learn how to spell and maybe you might be able to come up with a story someone might actually read. Also, get a better idea for a story you egomaniac weirdo. Japanese people aren’t going to bow before you, they’ll just laugh at you and mock your stupidity and more than likely take offense. Damn teenage emo kids… Well, I think I’ve had more than enough of this creepy nerd fest. I have a life and know real people. “Peace out”.

  14. uhhh i was hoping i could find out if there will ever be an elfen lied movie on this page but i guess i was very wrong.

    does anyone know if there’s the slightest chance there will ever be one?

  15. I will miss this anime. It was a great anime. And now, I feel so empty inside. It feels so weird after it just ending like that. I can barely get over it. Kinda reminds me how all shows end up…ending suddenly without no response from the creator…I wish I could find out what happens next…maybe someday I’ll find out when I visit that great cloud in the sky…

  16. Ehm, havent seen episode 14 yet, but nr 13 was confusing yeah. But I think it was Lucy coming back at the end, just look at the shadow, she doesnt walk like a “normal person” in Elfen Lied so I think she came back. Maybe it is so, or maybe its me WANTING it to be so…. I would like a OVA that clear things out yeah, its like Kimi ga nozomu eien. But to make a anime and give so much thoughts is a good thing, becouse it shows that this anime is really good and is intresting for the viewer.

    Elfen Lied for the win! It shares the first place of my anime list with KGNE.

    Im not sure that a movie that shows how its ending will be very good, just think about it, alot of viewers will be dissapointed and such. Besides, then it will become one of these crapy animeseries thats have the same ending, ether a happy one or a sad one. The way to create a masterwork is to end it with some questions… Not to many, not to few, Elfen lied is perfect! Nether a good or a ba ending. :) thanks for reading ;) and that Yuka…. I can understand her reacting, she had a crush on Koutha since they were kids… She remembered him and when she meets him hes so nice to other girls to… :P anyway I would kinda react the same way…

    Thanks for reading ;)


  17. AAHHH I hate it when this happens to a good anime. I do not want to come up with my own ending, I want a REAL ENDING!

  18. I hate when all Animes end like this!
    It’s soo cruel :D
    I didn’t slept all night for this ?!?
    I rly wish there will be Season 2!

  19. I agree with you Sammy….Eric get a life okay? I mean Elfen Lied might be a great anime and all that (who am I kidding?) but what you’re saying is defying conventional reason. But then again Efen Lied defies every conventional thing known. And as for your story why don’t you try and post it at fanfiction.net, you might even get a review or something. If you’re really that addicted to Elfen Lied then go read the manga and compose a hundred-verse sonnet about it.
    And as for all the people who want to have all the loose ends in the anime tied, read the manga and find out whether it’s a tearjerker or a happily-ever-after ending.

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