feels weird typing “mahoraba h-game”

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Ad for the very tame looking PC game.

They should have kept the Kozue fanservice scenes from the manga. (Part 2)

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  1. wat the?! a h game of mahoraba >.o?! where did u get this info from??

  2. If it feels weird typing it, imagine how it’s gonna feel PLAYING it. Still, I’m slightly looking forward to this. ^^
    SLIGHTLY. Though are you sure it’s H? That really wouldn’t be like Mahoraba. It was all about story, not fan service.
    I mean, they never showed anyone HALF-naked, and now we have potential Kozue/Ryuushi love scenes? Good god.

  3. It’s one big early/late “April Fools” joke, right?

    As much as I’d like to see an H’ed out version of Mahoraba, the violent pro-moe fanbase wouldn’t allow it.

    These poor, misguided, drooling, goofy-staring pro-moe people are seriously missing out on some hot hentai action if this isn’t true. -_-;

  4. hey WTH I can’t belive ther is mahoraba’s h game,such stupid idea,mahoraba’s characters are great but i don’t think this in the mood of the manga and of the anime…… :”(
    well…. know if there is one it is my duty to buy it do u think it is allready on sell in Japan??

  5. well now*
    I was shocked that i made such a stupid mistake

  6. Peace people

    We love you

  7. that was weird if you know wat i mean

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