keroro no hibi 81

Genius. Pure genius. Keroro (probably Kururu’s idea) decides to conduct unholy experiments, and the first result is Giroro becoming Natsumi’s right hand for a day. It just works on so many levels: Natsumi is as violent as Seiji, Giroro has the same unrequited love as Midori, and I couldn’t stop laughing when Natsumi started wrapping Giroro up in bandages like what Seiji originally did. If only Giroro had worn a, “I <3 Natsumi” T-shirt. (My old Midori wrap-up post.) Natsumi’s class is slated to play a softball game against her archrival’s class, and, with Giroro’s love, maybe they can prevail.


The second half of the episode has a space ninja hunting down Koyuki. There’s a troubling scene where Koyuki sneaks up on a sleeping, Giroro-less Natsumi that reminded me too much of a similar scene from RePure (the one where Chikage is debating whether or not to jump her onii-sama while he sleeps). Mmm… on second thought, I’m all for Koyuki x Natsumi action.

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  1. OMG, where are you seeing these episodes? I have seen only the first 8 and I am obsessed (check my website for proof
    Will you please email me and tell me where i can see more?

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