shakugan no shana 4

I knew this day would come: an episode without melon bread, but I’m not sad. Why? The first twenty minutes of the episode feature Shana stripping, Shana running around in the rain with just her trenchcoat, and Shana bedding Yuuiji. And doesn’t she look adorable bouncing on the bed? (Sorry for the 300k image… just had to make it.)

Wait, the episode is not over? It is for me… I… I… I… need a cold shower. Enjoy the screenshots.

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  1. need more of THIS! PLEASE~! XD

    *can’t wait for the eventual R1 release*

  2. Ok, I wasn’t interested in this series until the 3rd episode but episode 4 seems to sweeten the deal. Excellent!! (Simpson’s Mr. Burns excellent)

  3. The series gets better and better…im starting to see y this series made number 1 on ure list of new anime XD

  4. talk about fanservice! why is there always a striping scene O_o;

  5. anyone!!!!

  6. anyone!!!! when will the SNS 2 release????

  7. Autumn 2007, according to the wiki and the official site. :3

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