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First, thanks everyone for supporting Anime Blog Toshokan. My main (and selfish) reason for creating the service was that I was sick of opening like ten tabs in Firefox (since Firefox’s RSS reader won’t aggregate by time; only by site) to see who updated. Technorati has a feed option for anime, but there’s more non-English blogs on it than English ones, which made it less useful for me. I just wanted something simple– what was posted and when was it posted. But, thanks to everyone, there’s been a tremendous benefit that I didn’t originally see: I have discovered a lot of great blogs and a lot of great posts, and that is my new purpose in it. I hope ABT also provides some less popular bloggers publicity since I know it can be difficult to keep posting when it seems like no one is reading.

I do try to read as much of ABT as I can… at least skimming the excerpts, though fanservice usually gets my attention. ;)

The past week was the first week ABT tracked, and I wanted to point out some interesting posts around the community.

Saturday (22 Oct 2005) saw the fansubbing release of Mai Otome 3, and it was quickly and repeatedly blogged. The next day featured an Otome / Hime comparison. Though, uh, translate please. So I can see Otome is very popular with the community, and all the posts were positive on it. I’m still waiting for Shizuru to lose it.

Then there were the posts extolling the kawaiiness of Shana and her melon bread and/or spoon. Best line: “Slowly I begin to understand why all the male bloggers think Shana is so cute.” What can I say? She owns us. (Hint for Halloween costume: red hair, trenchcoat, talking amulet, and katana.)

Noein gets some love too. Okay, not all love. I still haven’t seen this series yet. Rahxephon rip-off? But wasn’t Rahxephon ripping off Eva… ?

Another series I haven’t seen is Mushishi. But other people have, and it seems promising though it doesn’t feature a cutie from Hell like Jigoku Shoujo.

I got spoiled reading some Nanoha posts. I was hoping for Raging Heart to return as Strike Impulse Raging Heart Destiny Ignited but alas.

Aria, if I remember right, is one of the reasons ADV had to lay off tons of people. Stick to FMP!, ADV.

Tsubasa Chronicles wraps up. I’m disappointed with the general lack of Chii in the series, though points for the Sumomo Excelion screenies.

Too bad Fate/Stay Night got pushed back. Then again, I’m sure a combination of Rin/Saber and Shana and Ai would surely spark some sort of kawaii overload.

The rankings for Fall 2005 continue, and honestly, ranking Shana as cold deserves the special Dokuro award. Though I agree with Solty Rei.

For shows not getting much blogging love, there’s Basilisk, Paradise Kiss (surprising), and Cluster Edge (not surprising). What happened to Gunparade Orchestra or Da Capo SS? No one is blogging these?

I’m a big Keroro fan so I’m always happy to see Keroro Gunso .

A few milestones were hit, and I’d like to congratulate Duh! Anime Blog for 1K and Phoenix512 for 300. Both are very prolific posters and average over two posts a day… I have no clue how you find the time. ^^;

And a quick poll update… even though Tess jumped out to a large lead, Chidori has caught up. Too close to call so I’m going to leave it up longer.

And finally, there’s a con, Anime Destiny, happening soon in the East Bay. Just wanted to help spread the word.

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  1. I was wondering about DCSS. Not in the blogging sense, but the fansubbing part. I have been stuck with episode 10 for more than a month now.

  2. What a cute entry *huggles*

  3. HAHA! indeed, shana deserves the hot position~
    argh, i wana watch keroro gunso, but doesnt seem like any1 is subbing it..

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