shakugan no shana 5

The bitterest melon bread

Fanservice is sacrificed for plot advancement. Dammit, I was hoping for the obligatory hot springs episode, and instead episode 5 has an unacceptably low amount of Shana. The episode introduces the new character who is collecting weak flames, and the perverted doll master’s plan is finally revealed. Sadly, his plan does not include sekushi meido, goth vampires, or nekomimi twincest. Shana is pissed at losing in the last episode to Shikijo-sensei, and, to make things worse, the frail, cute girl is hitting on Yuuiji.


Some quick, random thoughts, since I need to work on my NBA fantasy team…

  • The fights have been the weakest part of the show. I do not understand the “rules of combat” for Shana at all, and it feels very DBZ-ish with all the balls of energy being tossed around. And there’s the ridiculous plot devices: for instance, if Friagne can retreat whenever the heck he feels like it, what’s the point? And if he’s so strong, why not just polish off the Flame Hazes and hoard the melon bread? The fights haven’t been as contrived as the second half of GSD, but it’s getting there.
  • I’m still puzzled as to how Shana and Shikijo-sensei got jobs as Flame Hazes. I can imagine Alastor interviewing candidates….”Mmm, underaged, snarky attitude, addicted to melon pan… perfect! You’re hired!”
  • If you see a cute girl lying injured next to your front door, do you: (a) help her even if she insists otherwise (b) go home and leave her out there. The correct answer may surprise you.
  • I didn’t pay enough attention to her earlier, but Yoshida is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, so I hope Yoshida gets a larger role in the coming episodes. Yoshida is also reminding me of Shinobu from Love Hina. And since Shana swings that katana around… and the classic harem moment from episode 4… so when does the clueless but fantastically proportioned watermelon girl make an appearence?
  • Also, Marchosias is done by Gan-chan. That instantly makes me not like him/it.
  • What’s so special about the two boys that Shikijo-sensei roped into helping her? They showed those two specifically since episode 2.

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  1. what is melon bread ? O_O

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