chidori over tessa, next up: belldandy vs belldandy

Thanks for voting in the Chidori vs. Tessa poll. For the first week, Tessa had a commanding lead, but Chidori quickly covered the gap. As I promised, here’s the fanservice:

New poll… favorite character design for the animated version of Belldandy (since the manga version is always in flux), and here’s the choices:

OAV 1993, The Classic
Mini-Goddess 1998, The Uber Kawaii
Movie 2000, The Modern Stylish
TV 2004, The Cost Efficient

7 Responses to “chidori over tessa, next up: belldandy vs belldandy”

  1. Definitely the Movie-Belldandy.

  2. Oh hell yes. Movie Belldandy all the way! She’s what a modern goddess with big hair and clothes aspires to be.

  3. Movie-Belldandy, but the later movie one without the turban

  4. the styles in each are pretty much reflect the style of the manga at the time.

    It is a toss up between the movie and TV

    The movie looking somewhat more realistic, i prefer the TV version, similar to movie but cuter ^-^

    Also her eyes are larger and closer together and face overall isn’t as round

  5. Wow, this is an old post. I’ll put my vote for TV-Belldandy… I don’t know why but I think TV’s a little bit more cuter than the Movie one.

  6. Movie version. Simply gorgeous. Everything is “rounder” and realistic.

  7. In this post’s time line… Movie. Most of the people at BAF says movie too. But the season 2 sorezore no hane design(certain scenes only cuz my mood effects judgement) ex:episode 1 when K-1 asked Bell out on a date(FINALLY!) that one was uber nice i even made it my guild logo on extreme ro and im gonna make it in onaaro after the wipe too!^^LOL.ROFL. Oh! My haruhi ep 9 just finished!letsggogogogogogogo then ill watch widescreen bell episode 4 subbed too!^^lol sorry for the major off topicness im in overdrivetranceseed-mode!ROFL^^:PXD

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