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The first half of the episode involved Natsumi entering in a contest to try to get on Mutsumi 623’s radio show… only to have Keroro come crash the party. In drag. I’d rather not talk about it.

The second half is the debut of the always popular Powered Natsumi. Keroro is happy making a Gundam model when Natsumi confiscates it since he hasn’t done his chores. In retaliation, Keroro has Kururu make a mini-Keroro mobile suit, which he then sics on Natsumi and Fuyuki. The two are powerless against it, but when running away, they accidentally stumble into the mobile suit creator and out pops a model for a KG Hinata 723 Powered Suit Natsumi. Dororo buys them enough time for Natsumi to complete her model, and Powered Natsumi doles out some infinite justice on Mobile Suit Keroro’s destiny. In the end, Natsumi learns that building plastic mobile suit models can be fun and to not be as harsh as she was on Keroro in the future.

I love the Keroro parody episodes. Not as visceral as Pani Poni Dash‘s parodies, but a lot more accessible and fun. Keroro is kinda like the Bender to Becky’s Robot Chicken.

For people lucky enough to have picked up a copy, Powered Natsumi was the limited edition figure from volume ten of the manga.

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  1. Which episode of Keroro did this air on?

  2. I have no idea but a wild guess would be episode 82. There are no subs for any episode newer than 8, unfortunately.

  3. yo mothafukers this ep aint so shit but keroro looks like a pimp

  4. 82 is subbed. 2nd coming of Powered Natsumi is the best.

  5. Bad news 2

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