elfen lien manga ends

As reported on ANS, Elfen Lied manga ends with the bonus in volume twelve. Of course, the two shocking things about this news item is that the mangka is female and that she said, “Elfen Lied was a very happy cartoon.” Uh. Happy? If you say so… nyuu!

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  1. Oddly enough, whenever someone mentions Elfen Lied, it makes me happy.

    I think I have some serious problems.

  2. You and me both, Nunka.

  3. You’d think that with a name like Okamoto *Lynn*, that the fact the mangka is female isn’t that much of a surprise? ;-)

    I’ve already got my preorder in for vol 12 through Amazon Japan. I thought I read somewhere on the page for vol 12 that it would be out in Dec, but I can’t seem to find that info on there anymore. The article in question quotes Nov 18, which is awesome.

    As a side note, one of the actual chapters was also delayed while she had her wisdom teeth pulled.

  4. everytime i hear elfen lied i think… NOOOOO WHY!!!!! why cant there be more. i was up until 2 last night watching the whole show (for the 1st time)and when i got to the ending i coudnt sleep and immideatly got up and started looking for the manga, i saw things about the managa but not that manga isself, is it in english? I WANT IT BADLY!! if u find anything out msg me at paragonofsinx@hotmail.com

  5. Elfen lied upset me at the end i wish the series were longer. The manga is supposed to have a happier ending. I think a borders stall with have the manga. Its my fave anime next to love hina.

  6. Yeah so wheres the manga?

  7. damn it i just wish that i can know what happens to the end… you know, and music stoped and the clock started at 12:00 does that means a new beginning?(with lucy since they all have a sad past) and by the way, if i remember well none of these caracter dont have family or friend mentionned in the last 13 episode. at the end she removed her ear, didnt let bullet kill her directly. what did she do after that? well my friend told me that according to the manga the person at the door was lucy… *hope so

  8. well lucy lost her horns and thay were da sorse of da hands
    so i think y it was her at da door
    yay i luv lucy xxxxx

    and ye elfen lied make me happy 2 ??

  9. Lynn Okamoto is NOT female. People just think he is because of his name.

  10. Can’t someone reopen the manga and contineu it?

  11. weell. ive read watch elfen lied n’ i prefer the manga xD
    Do any of you Guys know abount the song that Lucy start singing in cap 103 of the manga =S? Is it Lilium?? ive been searching of it but i havnt found enything that helps me … TT____TT

  12. the mangaka is a guy

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