movie belldandy wins, next up: the H mai hime

Movie Belldandy stomps the competition, and I’m surprised to see everyone hatin’ the Mini-G version. How can you not like Chibi Bell?!? She’s adorable. Oh, well, manga Bell is still omega superior goddess of the year.

Next poll question… since everyone seems to be anticipating the new series, who is your favorite Fate Stay Night heroine? Coincidentally, isn’t FSN just an H version of Mai Hime? They both have some fight-to-the-finish contest, they both have this symbiotic relationship between two characters, they both feature hawt moe yuri lesbian overtones. (Well, okay, more than overtones.) Though, I doubt the anime series will be anywhere as hardcore as the game since Geneon has already licensed it. Still, if only they powered up the FSN way in Mai Hime. Arika, Mashiro, I hope you’re reading this.

Winner, as usual, gets a fanservice post (honestly, if you can’t find FSN fanservice out there, you’re not googling hard enough). The choices… at least these have a chance of showing up in the anime since they showed up in the preview:

Flame Haze Sakura

5 Responses to “movie belldandy wins, next up: the H mai hime”

  1. Saber, of course.

    …If for no other reason than that she’ll be voiced by Kawasumi-sama. :o

  2. No Fuji-nee? T_T

  3. It’s Blatantly rider!!

    although, lets face it, sooner or later Rin is going to run away with it…

  4. Rin, indeed. If only to keep the hope of a yuri FSN anime.

  5. Selection by elimination:

    Saber’s design makes her look like a bobble-head
    Rin’s design makes her an oversized loli-icon (not necessarily a bad thing).
    Ilya..well, Ilya’s just mundane.
    Caster, and Sakura didn’t have enough screentime to WOW us.

    Rider… Booty-licious Rider! Thus, it’s all about Rider. ;)

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