wordpress 2.0rc1 highlights

Yes, this is an anime blog, but there’s a lot of people out there in nekomimi meido land who run WordPress, so I think a quick post about WP2 would be beneficial. For basic info, here’s a list of changes for WP2. Here’s a list of compatibility issues. IIRC, they decided to name this 2.0 due to the huge improvements to the WP core, and this is not a simple maintance release (like 1.6 would have been).

I upgraded one of my dev blogs to 2.0RC1, and WP is still the industry leader in ease-of-upgrading. One click– that’s it– done. Since WP’s public side is powered by themes, the only noticable change to an user would be the admin interface (unless you write plug-ins), and I’ll run though this aspect. This dev blog has ReBlog installed, so that ReBlog button on the top right is part of that plug-in and not WP2 (WP2 breaks ReBlog anyway).

The admin theme changes, and the dashboard doesn’t change. The posting changes, though. A lot. It now uses a very fancy rich text editor that takes a little bit of time to get used to. It’s more powerful than before, but I felt it slows down posting as it takes more clicks to do what I used to be able to do. It doesn’t seem to work with Exhibit’s interface (AoMM uses Exhibit). Also, note how the other options (like categories) are now hidden.


The other notable changes include a revamped user tab and a new options tab under presentation, which allows themes to have their own incumbent options. This also seems to break a few themes.


The newest tab is the import tab, which allows simple importing from RSS feeds, very similar to the ReBlog plug-in for WP… just it’s not automated.

Overall, WP2 looks slicker than 1.5, but it does have some compatibility issues. I don’t see any need to rush out and upgrade now as there’s no compelling reason to upgrade than “easier to write plug-ins for” and a better looking admin interface. I’m personally planning on waiting since there’s a few plug-ins that AoMM uses (like Exhibit) that have slight issues in 2.0. For people running the base WP install with a few plug-ins or a relatively new WP blog, it may not be a bad time to upgrade, though. Might as well build-up from the newest base possible. ;)

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