fate stay night wins, next up… playing with dolls!

The poll results are pretty much what I expected. Fate Stay Night, Ergo Proxy, Hellsing Ultimate, and Kashimashi were the most anticipated spring 2006 shows accounting for over 75% of the votes. FSN just destroyed the competition with almost half the votes, and for that, I offer two wallpaper:


Maybe the democrats should consider nominating Saber for their 2008 presidential candidate considering the popularity of FSN and Saber. Next up… favorite Rozen Maiden doll. From left to right… Suigintou, Kanaria, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Barasuishou.


I have a hard time deciding between Suigintou and Suiseiseki. I only know that I’ll rank Kanaria dead last. There was just no reason whatever for her to join Traumend with the introduction of Barasuishou and the re-introduction of Suigintou, but that’s just my opinion.

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  1. You might want note that it’s “Hina Ichigo” not ” hanaichigo”. There’s quite a number of Hina fans y’know.

  2. just wanted to point out you spelt Hinaichigo’s name wrong ^^

  3. Oops! Typo! Fixed! Thank you!

  4. Very nice FSN wallpapers.

  5. Suigin. Freaking. Tou.

  6. f/sn…

    you know you love it :3

    great walls, wish they were larger thouhg >.

  7. Suiseiseki ftw.

  8. Arigatou… I just love very much Saber.. so those will be my wallpapers for this week.

  9. Suiseiseki~ XD

  10. Heh, Suigintou’s leading by 5% /.

    I pity Kanaria though. She’s quite OK actually, too bad I only get one vote :P.

  11. Oh, just found your website while searching for fate stay night wallpapers. these are great.

  12. Honestly, I like all the dolls sooo much.

    Which I think is sort of the point of the show- to impress upon you the fact that everyone is perfect in their own way- and that to attempt to force all women, or men, or humans in general, to mold themselves into a certain standard of perfection will serve only to destroy the diverse beauties that exist in each individual.

    Really, Alice doesn’t exist- or at least, there is no one Alice, there are as many Alices as there are Rozen Maidens.

    I hope that makes sense to someone other than me. ^_^;;

  13. Wow, I’m glad I found those wallpapers of Saber. Very easy to fall in love with her ^_^ Well, atleast if you’re as pathetic as me ofcourse ;D

  14. wow,, i like these wallpapers

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