adventures of mini-shana-tan 1





Mini-Shana is OMEGA FRICKIN’ KAWAII OF THE YEAR and gives Mini-Bell a run for her money. The best that I can describe these three minutes of complete insanity is if Shakugan no Shana were a 4koma, it would turn out like this. Shana does nothing but eat melonpan and says nothing but “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” Actually, I’m not asking for a Shana-tan spin-off like Adventures of Mini-Goddess— I’m demanding it. I couldn’t stop laughing. But, alas, poor Alastor. :(

The other DVD extra, Nani Naze Shana… failed.

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  1. Best. Extra. EVER.

    They must continue the misadventures of mini-Shana for future volumes! The US release BETTER have this extra… there will be hell to raise if not! XD

  2. I’m with you. I will riot if Shana-tan doesn’t make it to R1.

  3. I need, now, demand. D:

  4. This clip wins the internet.

  5. holy crap. As if bandages wasn’t enough…. god I’m nearly drowning in cuteness

    I don’t think mini-bell can’t possibly come close, even if you had skuld, urd, and belldandy eating melon-pan at the same time. (well actually, that’d be pretty cute but…. that doesn’t beat shana sitting on yuuji’s head)

  6. Damn….watching this clip for almost a hundred times already…

    Shana-tan’s is sooooo stuck in my head right now, I can’t think straight.

    I need… no I DEMAND more of this.The next DVD release better include more of it.

  7. Damm! Mini-Shana, soo cute
    I loved the way she says “Urusei”
    We need more of this stuff.

  8. Where can u get this???

  9. What was the title of the mini-shana DVD extra?

  10. Nevermind.

  11. “…doesn’t beat shana sitting on yuuji’s head”
    Shouldn’t we be keeping this PG.

  12. Man, Shana is cute already when she’s normal size, but in mini size, like, wow!Extra-cute!!!

    Uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!!

  13. The probability of riots caused by Shana-tan deprived Jason has decreased.

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