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“In an old house in the middle of the mountains, there lives a little girl… she lives in the mountains by herself, but she isn’t lonely at all.”

That’s like half the dialogue in this episode of Binchou-tan. This slice-of-life show is driven by Binchou-tan’s cuteness as well as her pathetic life: it’s the first ever pity-based anime. She lives by herself in poverty. She has no parents. She sleeps with a blanket with a giant hole in the middle. She eats ferns. She has to use a log on her head for warmth. Her house is surrounded by poisonous snakes. I couldn’t stop watching because I felt so sorry for her.

Binchou-tan is adorable, which only tugs at one’s heartstrings a bit more. She’s slightly larger than Shana-tan and Mini-Bell, and, coincidentally, Inoue Kikuko is the narrator. Everything Binchou-tan does is cute to the nth degree, and one just can’t help but cheer her on as she goes about her sad little life.


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  1. The bloody bastard within me was just waiting for a number to come up asking for donations. That’s it I am going to run that lucky bag with gusto every time.

  2. “This slice-of-life show is driven by Binchou-tan’s cuteness as well as her pathetic life”

    Now that you mention it, her life does seem miserable. I haven’t realised that until I read your post. She doesn’t seem concerned at all about it though which makes it even more pitiful (-_-;;)

  3. Kinda reminds me of Sabato from Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan…

  4. I guess you could say Binchou-tan is “Kawaii sou” while at the same time being “Kawaisou”!

    I love puns.

  5. she is so cute. Looking at each and every expression she made, it was so funny and makes me wan to watch more of it. i think i had fall for her at the very first moment when i saw her.

  6. You guys are so mean. Binchou-tan life isn’t pathetic. I don’t know where you guys are from but she’s doing pretty well for herself. Sure, she doesn’t own an iPod or anything like that, but then again, she doesn’t need those things when she has the richness of nature, beautiful surroundings, the means for living, and her own home.

  7. -Binchou-tan – combo name play of a type of coal and feminine/female so it fits the character.

    -The only thing that’s REALLY Confusing is when Keeps changing sizes [Spoiler for ep. 2]from a small female to a tiny piece of coal deodorizing “only what Binchou-tan can do”.

    -This is a “pity” based anime but Binchou-tan does Not look so bad. She enjoys what she has and has friends. She does Not appear to be lonely. Only her living place looks decrepid along with her furniture, or lack thereof. But she’s happy!

    -Wished the storyline wouldn’t drag so long though!

    -The best thing about the short series is the superb graphics!!

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