a vote for suigintou is a vote for junk

Suigintou wins over Suiseiseki in the closest poll thus far. Not only does she show a new side of herself in Rozen Maiden Dreams 6 when she seems to care more about Megu than the Alice Game persay, she still retained her lovable, maniacal personality and patented evil laughter. I’m also glad to see that the real Oto-sama restored her missing piece… but… uh… mmm… maybe a bit too far.

Love live junk!

PARTY DRESS wa arukedo

(BTW, it’s official. Shoujo Q just got its invite to the Pantheon. It’s a shame it only runs for 20, 23, and Rokugo’s version for 24.)

Next up… Mai Hime‘s Mai or Mai Otome‘s Arika. Curves vs. re-configurable hairdo. Pining for Tate vs. pining for Mr. Wong. Babysits girl who acts like a cat vs. babysits queen who has a cat. Huge ass dragon-looking thingie vs. huge ass spear-looking thingie. Ends up fighting roommate who was used by creepy tall guy vs. ends up fighting roommate who was used by creepy short guy. Cooking ramen vs. uh… does Arika do anything well?


13 Responses to “a vote for suigintou is a vote for junk”

  1. I don’t know how Arika could ever win over Mai. Arika is more like a determined Studio Ghibli heroine. Young, sincere, no breasts. And while I love Studio Ghibli, breasts > earnest expressions and fuzzy animals. And Mai has them. She’s sexy. And awesome. And busty. And she has breasts. And is busty. With breasts. She kicks serious ass.

    I’m sorry, but Arika just seems like a whiny teenybopper to me. I love her in her own context, but she is teh lose when pitted against Mai.

  2. Yeah, sorry, I love loli and all but this is beyond not a contest.

  3. Mai wins.

    The chances of Arika winning is as much as the chances of Shana not eating meronpan.

  4. I think I’ll vote for Arika just to buck the trend. :D

  5. Mai wins, no contest. She’s got the three B’s. Boomies (Kagetsuchi), the bad-ass buddies (Natsuki, Mikoto), and boobies.

  6. Mai FTW!!!!…

    while arika is definetly funny and all, when it comes to teh bounce in their step, mai wins…

    plus… big ass summon makes everything equal… or burnt… or both!

  7. Y’all perverted! ARIKA FTW!

    Well Kurogane, I guess Arika is the true winner since Shana eats “MELON-PAN!” not “Meron-pan”! Don’t give me this…well Japanese ppl don’t pronounce the L or typo nonsense! LOL Hmm…I’m not very persuasive. =P

  8. …..

    jason, i request that your next poll is to be wheather “melon-pan”, “meron-pan” or simply “melon bread” is more superior.

    And one more thing, I support Mai solely for her character, not her cup size….. but then, I guess no one’s gonna believe it.

    Arika is just not my cup of tea.

  9. There’s like three different major schools of romanization, and as my old Japanese professor in college said, “Everything in katakana. Romanization not accepted for homework or exams.” メロンパン. So there ya go.

    BTW, I edited Wikipedia’s melonpan page to add Shana in there.

  10. arika is sexy….i think she’ll make a better hero

  11. Arika and sexy mix as well as water and oil.

  12. curve will always win I’m telling you man, also with that overpowered big ass dragon on her side.. she’ll pwn anything

  13. jason, someone unedited your wiki page apparentally because i can’t find shana on the page

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