binchou-tan 2

Binchou-tan’s new job…

The world’s first pity-based anime chugs along. While a hungry Binchou-tan was waiting for the nekobus, she is abducted by an evil bird and sold into slavery. There, she’s forced to perform an assortment of degrading and inhuman tasks alongside fellow pity slave Sabato and forced to wear print panties instead of the tie-ons that Erstin wears. Mmm… seriously, Binchou-tan tugged at my heartstrings this week when she stares at the toys in the toystore… don’t you just want to buy her something?


BTW, episode 1 of Binchou-tan didn’t even have 100 words spoken in it. How many words did it take the loquicious anime blogging community?

  1. Omni: 331
  2. Matt: 294
  3. OS: 209
  4. Ariadne: 175
  5. Myself: 162

5 Responses to “binchou-tan 2”

  1. My blood turned to syrup watching Binchou-tan 2 (but I loved it). I know the Japanese are addicted to kawaii, but this is overdrive. 12 minutes of pure awwww!

  2. LOL, I dunno whether to be honored or insulted by that comparison.

    Btw, it’s spelled “loquacious” :P

  3. A toy store that sells panties in a huge vat? Must be *that* kind of store and *that* kind of undies.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the storekeeper stole her rice or at least adulterated it with something while she browsed in the underwear…

  4. A cute anime just don really understand y she wanna put that charcoal on her head! Kawai Binchou-tan…………………..

  5. She wears the charcoal in her head because Binchou-Tan means charcoal. It’s a play on words.

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