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Remember last week when I wondered about who would receive a gohobi next, Yuji or Matsumaru? Well, neither. Shizuru wins! I almost died laughing when Tomoe asks Shizuru if she gets a gohobi for “freeing” her. Casual lesbian sex 4tw.

Only if Erstin’s camisole was as transparent as the plot

Mai Otome continues to prod along, and it’s sadly so predictable now. Only the last ten episodes of GSD were more transparent.

“This will be your new passport photo, Natsuki.”

Natsuki and Nao were actually captured by the Aries faction, which is good because Yukino and Haruka are two of their few allies. The bad, of course, is that Natsuki somehow repaired her pants. Weren’t they ripped to shreds? Natsuki pleads for help, but, predictably, Yukino turns her down. Wuss.

Evil Nina is hawter than Non-Evil Nina

The distance between Mr. Wong and Nina continues to widen, and I think an Utada Hikaru insert song would kick ass here, but, alas.

The Human Typhoon Returns!

Mr. Wong also reveals that he one had a six billion double dollars bounty on his head. Mr. Wong continues his search for this new fangled Evil Otome, and, predictably, Chie and her friends sign up. (Classic Sunrise spoiling the plot with their OP.)


Tomoe also rises up in the ranks and pulls some strings for Shizuru. All the evil otomes have nice asses and killer legs. (When I was doing my undergrad, my friends and I referred to sorority girls who dressed up in tight black pants, looked like hookers at a funeral, and acted bitchy all the time “black pantzers”.)

“Arika, I’m sorry I forgot to tape Gekigangar tonight!”

Arika and Mashiro are trapped inside the cave after they run into that sandworm at the end of the previous episode, and Mashiro is trying to convice Arika to become an otome and fight once again. Don’t worry, Mashiro-chan, a Sunrise-brand plot contrivance will do that for you!

“I didn’t know how horrible it is to become an otome… I’m a baka.” – Arika

“I’m a baka like you.” – Mashiro

“I’m a bigger baka.”

Then Arika goes on about being an otome, kinda like Shana did after Wilhelmina decreed that Reiji Maigo must die.

(Mashiro told Arika that Aoi was dead, Arika was shocked, said, “Aoi-san’s dead?” and went back to whining about how awful it is being an otome. See, they were still throwing Gekigangar parties in memory of Gai ten episodes after he died. Now? Aoi’s a footnote to Arika. As I said before, no one except Mashiro cared for Aoi. Everyone aboard Nadesico cared for Gai. BIIIIIIIIG difference. Gai is the Peyton Manning to Aoi’s Brooks Bollinger. And that’s the last I’ll say about this. Until Mai Otome 21.)


Anyway, Mashiro tries to reason, prod, and rape Arika, but it takes molten magma to spring the two to action. To escape the rising lava (seriously, Sunrise, I’ll write for you guys– I’ll even do it for free), Mashiro predicatably convinces Arika to go otome again as they are about to fall into the lava, and the two escape.

“We just survived another Sunrise plot contrivance!”
Fia’s weakpoint is her backside’s lack of armor; Arika’s weakpoint is middle-aged men with fourteen year old daughters

When the two return to the Black Valley, it is under attack by Cardair’s otome, who stole their GEM data while Midori and Reito were out celebrating her 17th birthday.

Otome Ambulance Service
Aren’t there child labor laws?

Predictably, Mashiro and Arika learn something from the tragedy… Mashiro looks up to Arika as a leader in charge, and Arika is slowly gaining back her will to fight.


Meanwhile, back at Gaulderobe, Tomoe is disrobing Shizuru, so predictable, I even predicated it in my Best of 2005 feature. I just loved how they spliced in a shot of Natsuki as Tomoe approaches Shizuru and those “tearing off of the clothes” sound effects after the camera pans away from the two smooching and onto the ceiling. Can we get an uncut DVD version? Anyway, I’m guessing Shizuru is just using Tomoe for luvin’ for finding a way out of there.

Cute couple
Wasn’t this Kagutsuchi’s seal?

And, of course, it can’t be a Mai Otome episode without some shocker at the end. Nagi finally unearths the organ under Gaulderobe, but he also unearths Mikoto. The Mai Hime Mikoto.

Looking for ramen

Nina, DO YOUR BEST, deshou, when you fight her in 21, k?

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  1. Wasn’t that Tomoe that was doing the disrobing? I thought Chie had brown hair, not black hair…

    Of course, how will Natsuki feel about Shizuru giving Tomoe some to get out of jail? :D

  2. Yer right. I’m still hopped up on cold medications. :P

  3. Subarashi! Subarashi! (Damm you Kuro, I can’t got away this of my mind)

    Anyway… I also wrote for Sunrise.
    Another shock coff coff casual sex? coff coff episode
    Natsuki has a little “thing” to keep away from Shizuru, and Shizuru has a little “bedtime” to keep away from Natsuki.

    Just great… six more episodes to go

    One more question… this Legend of Episode 21 could be Rena? Was Smith tring to bring her back?

  4. *sighs* Tomoe, Tomoe, Tomoe…dang she looks hawt. *cheesy grin*

    As for eppy 21 – I’ll be surprised if Nina holds her own for more than 45 seconds against Mikoto.

    And Smith can’t bring Rena back if she’s to be the new Shinso of the Valkryie Otome. Fumi-Shinso was in a near comatose state this entire time so Rena-Shinso needs to remain in a similar state to produce the GEMS. That being said, there’s only a few other ‘Legends’ that can be revived. Waited so long for this – it BETTER be Mai or my head will be throbbing painfully from repeated knocking against the wall.

  5. Actually no one gave a damn about Gai either. Only Akito did, and maybe Ruri.

    That’s one of the point of Nadesico, nobody gave a damn when Gai died, and they only gave him some mention when Akito started spreading Gekiganger propaganda.

  6. While reading the entry for episode 20 on Garten’s Blog “Memento”, I realised that the volcano in the episode is called “Jabal” while Midori’s village is called “Aswad”. Jabal is the Arabic word for “mountain” which makes sense. Aswad is the Arabic word for “black”. I wonder if the name of the village is implying something?! I wonder if there are more Arabic names used in the show?! Maybe I should start watching this show just for the linguistic fun of it.

  7. Syaoran, my orginal guess for the legend was Mai. It looks like Mikoto… why would Sunrise tease us with Mai, and still keep her out of the show?

    Arakan, Tomoe is hawt. Agreed.

    Mohammad, each of the factions seem to represent an Earthly faction. Aswad is most likely the Middle East. Zipang, the East. John Smith… all evil, backstabbing, nakkid-laser building Americans. MUHAHAHAHA. Windbloom, of course, would be Canada.

  8. maki-maki TOMOE, damned !!!

  9. >>”The human typhoon returns!”
    Oh, man! This made me smile. :) Yay, I miss Vash.

    I’m happy about Mikoto returning (as something other than an animal)! I hope she is badass and puts up a good fight.

    The transparency of the plot is something to frown at, especially since after this build-up of great episodes and characters (at least, to me). But maybe I just dislike the chaos and yearn for better days with more innocent comic relief.

    Does anyone else think it’s suspicious that the characters in both Mai Hime/Otome don’t go hardcore lesbian until everyone goes psycho and starts blowing up things? Violence = lesbianism?! I’d say YES!

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