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Chokotto Sister is a romance/comedy/fanservice manga from Go Zappa. The base of the story revolves around Haruma, a typically nice guy chump, who asked Santa for a little sister when he was growing up. Only it took Santa a few extra years, but she delivers to Haruma a kid sister, complete with her own instruction book. The two learn to live with another… for Haruma, it means someone to take care of. For Choko, it means learning modesty, shopping for bras, and appropriate “actions” towards an older brother.

For ya, Stripey

The stories take form of interaction between Haruma, Choko, and the people who live around them, including the neighborhood flower girl whom Haruma has a crush on and the apartment manager, Chitose, who has a crush on Haruma. All of the characters have their own lovable appeal… Haruma may be a normal harem chump, but he knows what’s right and wrong (though I still think he’s an idiot for not taking the Matsumaru route when flower girl was, uh, available). Choko is hilarious and honest. It’s hard not to like any of them. They’re actually quite infectious, and not in that H5N1 way.

Most of the stories are typical harem/romance/slice of life stuff, including plain ol’ shopping, miraculously winning a trip to the hot springs, going to the pool, and making new friends. Nothing groundbreaking, but they’re all nicely done. More on the romance/fanservice side than the comedy but adequate amounts of all.


The art’s above average, and there’s a lot of fanservice. And nakkidness. From ages 8 to 80, Chokotto Sister doesn’t pull any punches with its nakkidness.

Highly recommended, and it’s a good series for anyone who likes Toshiue no Hito, REC, SPAS-PA, and Pastel. There has also been a recent announcement for a Chokotto Sister anime series.

Translation by Kotohana, who did a great job… except they stopped on a cliffhanger.

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  1. You know… that was THE worst possible place to stop the scanlation. And I don’t even know where to find RAWs for this series yet… those evil bastards. :D

  2. yes indeed… that was a horrible point to stop at… though, it still doesn’t make me hate them… just being able to read it makes me happy :D

  3. I’m hoping to at least find raws now, myself. I must find out more about what happens…

  4. I’ll look for a copy next time I visit Kinokuniya.

  5. >>”They’re actually quite infectious, and not in that H5N1 way.”

    LOL! The panels give me the Chobits vibes with a siscon twist… Thanks for highlighting this. :) Looking forward to the anime…

  6. If you can find Vol 4… well, I’d like to find out what happens.

  7. Just so you know, Jason… they’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Chapters 24 and 25 out today, scanlated.

    And it’s about time. :D

  8. Woohoo! Thanks Haess!

  9. Let’s just say that there was a ripple in the Force which told me to check Kotohana today… and so, I followed it, and started seeding the torrent, which you probably pulled off me by now. Enjoy the resolution to the cliffhanger. :D

  10. O___O;;;

  11. I saw the raw ep 1 yesterday for the new Chokotto sister
    anime. I don’t speak Japanese but it was really touching
    A thought Santa’s are looking a lot tougher these days.

  12. Nice to see they’re back at it! :D

    Btw, why can’t apartment managers ever be like they are in manga/anime? ;_;

  13. Announcement by Kotohana. They said they will possibly continue translating Chokotto Sister come September or October.

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