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Wow. The last third of Gun x Sword was some of the best mecha-action-harem that I’ve seen in a while. As I said in my previous Gun x Sword post, this was a series that got stronger as it went on, and the final showdown doesn’t disappoint. Plenty of mecha combat, sharp writing, angst, emo face contortions, girls in catfights, and the most “baka’s” that I have ever head in the course of an episode. (I think they said it almost thirty times the final episode…)


The Claw Man’s plans are finally revealed: the prison planet was originally terraformed to be habitable, and the terraforming system is the moon, which can be controlled by the greatest of the original robots, Birthday. The Claw Man wishes to use a combination of the terraforming system and the druggie flowers to unite his will with the terraforming goo thus creating a world in his own image. Claw Man sends Michael in Saudede to the moon to activate the terraforming system, but not before Fasalina gives Wendy’s brother a gohobi. While in space, Michael also takes out Van’s satellite, which means he can’t recover Dann or himself anymore.

So, the gang decides to send Van into space to use another satellite and to stop Michael, and before he leaves, Pris confesses to him and asks for an answer when he returns. The Claw Man, at this point, was very close to completing the terraforming until Ray catches up to him, using the last of his energy and sacrificing his armor, Vulcan. He gives the Claw Man an infamous choice, “Your life or your dream” and shoots him. The Claw Man deflects the bullet and laughs… until he realized that the bullet jammed Birthday’s systems.

Ray dies, but he buys Van enough time to return to earth and engage Birthday with Dann… only now Van has ascended and can pilot Dann without his implants. Of course, after an epic fight, Van wins and proceeds to slice up the Claw Man. Meanwhile, Wendy and Michael have their last meeting, with Wendy finally shooting her brother. He still doesn’t believe that he was wrong. He survives… stumbles around… finds Fasalina defeated by Carmen… and the two happily die together.

Ray, Michael, Fasalina, Claw Man– dead.


Joshua wants to return his brother and Vulcan to their hometown… with Yukiko’s help.


The Eldorado Five finally have all waken up.


Priscilla is pissed at Van for never talking to her since he returned from space.


Carmen continues to do her thing, but not before confessing to Van before she leaves.


And for grown-up Wendy and Invincible Van… same as usual.


(And yes, this Nanoha A‘s type of “make the lolis non-loli” ending is disturbing. Don’t they know who their core market is? *note to self, burn Ichigo Mashimaro to DVD*)


I think the reason why I liked the conclusion was that the show didn’t try to go out of it means. It felt like the whole series was geared towards the final point, and it was. There was plenty of mecha combat since Diablo’s destruction back in 13, and the show never let up on that aspect. There were also plenty– I mean plenty– of facial distortions, which only made me more giddy. All of the characters eventually grew and became resolute in what they were doing– there’s not a Shinji Ikari in the bunch, and when Van finally carved up the Claw Man, it was one of those cheer for the good guy moments. Even if he’s killing a defenseless old man who was going to die soon anyway. Great final arc and very entertaining, gripping, and enjoyable. If only Van had asked Wendy for all the sauce in her restaurant at the very end, it would have been perfect.


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  1. I can’t understand Japanese, so I’ve been waiting for the subs… It’s good to know that the rest of the show doesn’t end too badly.

  2. Considering the final eyecatch, adding anymore spices to Wendy’s super spice fries woulda been like throwing a match into the sun. And boy I cheered like a maniac when Van finally killed that bastard. He didn’t care about the how or the why of Claw Man killing his bride.

    It was about pure simple revenge.

    no emoing “but should I do this?” No! Van is a character you don’t see much of these days mostly because some people would say he’s too one dimensional. Which is garbage. He set a goal and he let nothing stand in his way.In some ways his dedication reminds me of Ogami Itto of lone wolf and Cub fame, and in my mind he’s on par with his semi-clone, Spike Spiegel. Here’s to Invincible Van. (BTW the picking up the hat after slicing Claw Man reminds me of Jigen of Lupin fame just damn cool)

    On a lighter note, a few things. Here’s hoping Van settles down with Wendy (hmm she filled out rather nicely, not Carmen99 nice but still>:). Also, is it just me or did Carmen’s confession to Fasarina then to Van lodge herfirmly in the b-sexual category? If so, it’s a matter of time before the Carmen X Wendy, Carmen X Fasarina, Carmen X Pricilla(Mmmmmmmmm) and even Carmen X Yukiko doujinshi start pouring out. Yum >:)

  3. I was just thinking after reading the comments that Van reminds my of Kiba from Wolf’s Rain. Kiba does the same thing as Van. He commits to a goal and doesn’t let anything in his way. Kiba was committed to the point of obession to find Paradise. Van was also committed to the point of obession in killing the Claw Man.

  4. Yeah I just finished this! Bah I was upset when my favourite hooker/pole dancer Fasalina died. The world is unfair towards these poor girls.

    Anyway noticed the Gundam Freedom reference/parody? Since Michael has the same seiyuu, Hoshi Seiichirou, as Kira Yamato and they both have mecha with wings. Saudade even does the lame trademark Freedom 360 spin.

  5. Good god! I didn’t realize Fasarina and Michael died!! ;_; I thought they escaped and lived happily ever after.

  6. The final episode of this was amazing, the one thing I hated was that it Ended where it did… Here’s to hoping theres an OVA that continue the series, even if there isnt as much fighting, I’d like to see 1 episode continuing from the final… the “The End” at the end almost sent a tear to my eye…

  7. Is there a sequel to this amazing anime?

  8. Where can I find more pics of Fasarina and Priscilla?

    Those were the hottest bitches since I don’t know when!

  9. This anime indeed got better as it went on. It started out just ok, and made it into my top 5 list by the time it was around episode 20. I also wish it would give more of a conclusion to the “personal” parts of the series because it really WAS a satisfying ending except that one little bit. Van may be a stereotypical character but he truly kicked more ass than the rest of his kind, they actually showed a weakness to him (his break down during the woo conflict). Definetly suggest this anime! Kick ass review by the way!

  10. questions:
    1.why claw man killed helena?
    2.why claw man killed shino?
    3.what does it mean by “overflow” and “he doesn’t need implant to pilot his armour”?

  11. He killed them because they wouldn’t help him with his plans, and they could have been a threat.

    But Since when did Van get deconstructed/deimplanted?

  12. Heh, anyways, i’m really waiting for an OVA or a continuation since I think they kinda left it hanging in that last episode… intentionally perhaps. Plus, i was really hoping for a Van x Wendy thing ;D and they gave me a glimpse of it :). Also, i think that they’d make one if we show our support,

    OVA! OVA! :P

  13. To me the most satisfactory part was Ray’s death. I love the way he smiles while the Claw Man is horrified and the whole, “I had a bad dream” ending, TIMELESS.

    Just for that I shall forever remember this anime. Spike should have ended like this.

    And I do think Van comes across as 1 dimensional, in fact, besides Wendy, nobody really wondered about what the bad guys were trying to do, which is a shame because these are some of the most altruistic and idealist bad guys I have seen. I still cheered for Van when he killed the claw man anyway, although its true that the act itself was very cold blooded.

    Bad guys trying to change the world with good intentions aren’t so rare in Japanese fiction. Which is surprising. I like the resolution the good guys stated at the end of an anime that I won’t name to avoid spoiling it, she said “The future exists because there is past” meaning there is no point in building a beautiful world if you have to destroy the current one.

    I approve of non loli Wendy, in fact most fanservice was non loli to begin with. Yet I feel bad about Priscilla, Van should have given her a chance. Another thing I don’t like is that Wendy won’t ever know what happened to her brother, after all, Carmen didn’t know who the boy that died with Fasalina was and I don’t think she cached his name.

    A satisfying ending if you ask me.

  14. GunxSword is my favorite anime series. I really hope they make an OVA or something. An OVA could be better than a complete second series, they could show what happens to Van & Wendy and the others and they dont have to worry about running out of source material.

  15. I almost had an orgasm when that wench Fasalina died (too bad she didn’t in the episode when she had been introduced).
    Another thing, I almost prayed that Wendy dies (but crap, guess that shit does not work:( )
    (yeah those two wenches really got on my nerves)
    End was nice and I loved Van, finally some main character with fuc*ing guts, not some pantsy goodie (and a seiyuu that didn’t get on my nerves) good guy ffs.

  16. haha i also cheered like a maniac when that crazy old dude was killed…was amazing caz he was cut in half

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