oh the madness of march

Shana easily slides by Wilhelmina in the previous poll. I’m surprised that Yoshida got passed by Chigusa as well… do people just not like Yoshida? And why? She’s sweet, but she does have this nasty habit of hanging around in dark rooms by herself.

In any case, with Shana’s victory, it sets up AoMM’s March feature, March Madness. In a modified format, all of the heroines who have won a poll (and I tossed in two more “at large” bids to make it an even eight) will go at it heroine vs. heroine until there is only one. They are seeded by how well they performed in their previous polls… the seeds are:

  1. Lacus, SEED
  2. Mai, Mai Hime
  3. Chidori, Full Metal Panic
  4. Shana, Shakugan no Shana
  5. Saber, Fate/Stay Night
  6. Suigintou, Rozen Maiden
  7. Belldandy, Belldandy
  8. Nanoha, Nanoha

Every three days or so, I’ll change the poll and move on to the next match. Winner of the tournament will be crowned Best Heroine, and do you think that I can resist rigging the vote? For the first match of the first round, it’s an evil lady vs. a devil girl.

Match 1.


#1 seed Lacus, the evilest woman in the CE universe.



#8 seed Nanoha, the devil with her hellish magic.

18 Responses to “oh the madness of march”

  1. Makes sense that people pass Yoshida over given she has a natural tendancy to cockblock poor Shana and cause such pain and suffering in her wake.

    boo hiss

  2. Nanoha? Why not Fate? Maybe Fate would be too strong as an eighth seed?

  3. Oh, and it kinda sucks that two of my top three choices (Shana and Saber) are going against each other in the first round.

    And I see that you are already rigging the votes against Mai.

  4. Mai vrs. Belldandy
    Man! How could you do that?

    Shana vrs. Saber
    Just FG… I’d like to see someday a battle between Excalibur and Nietono no Shana. Also this match is West vrs. East

    Lacus vrs. Nanoha
    Gambatte! Lacus, my little evil angel… make my proud in Gundam Seed 3

    Chidori vrs. Suigintou
    CHidori, if you loss, no more halssiem for Sousuke.

  5. Mmmm… Lacus. Definitely Lacus for this one. One would think she’s an innocent airhead to judge by her early interactions with Athrun.. and then she steals a ship, starts an insurgent movement in the PLANTs, causes the military to split its alliegances, and then later runs a secret military research project to give Kira a new Gundam after his own gets blown up by a Sith Gundam wanna-be.

    It’d be funny if Suigintou and Lacus ended up facing one another, but I know where my votes are going in that case. :D

  6. Cray: Didn’t Mai do the same thing to poor Shiho? And everyone loves Mai.

    ccl: Fate isn’t enough of a devil, and she doesn’t have enough hellish tools. Though I fully applaud her decision to shed armor for increased mobility.

    Syao: I didn’t choose the pairings– you guys did with the previous polls. ^^ Though it did turn out interesting.

    Haess: I’d love to see a Rie Tanaka battle, but it seems like the great Lacus is losing.

  7. Fight! Don’t loss Lacus

    If you say so Jason ^^

    Well, my favorite here overall is Saber, but every body has something to say about it.

    Go! Lacus! Go!

  8. Dang, Shana got a bad draw, but how the hell is Lacus losing to Nanoha???

  9. Maybe loli-power can beat a misterius lady as Lacus is.
    Mai & Belldandy looks like a fair fight…
    jejeje oh well, lets keep cheering our heroines

  10. Finally Democarcy in action! Oh wait, I have no idea for round one, guess I’ll vote according to a coin toss… Better yet I’ll vote against the one I despise most.

    My complements on masterfully rigging the vote, it is so blatant it puts a certain governor to shame. Your choice to stick with Mai’s pic was almost as good as Johnson’s infamous Daisy Girl.

    The most dangerous thing in a Democracy is an unifromed voter.

  11. I live in that governor’s state…

    … anyway, it’s really close between Lacus and Nanoha now. I’m really surprised as I picked Lacus to win this tournament. Maybe the constant Gundam-bashing is finally having an effect. :)

  12. I suspect that the reason Lacus is losing is because the ballot box is being stuffed. :D I saw similar ballot-stuffing in a forum, after a similar character draw had been announced.

  13. This is to much for Lacus!

    If you take a closer look, this battle has its coincidences, al least one.

    -Maybe this year, each one could have another lead roll, if the plans for a 3rth season of Gundam Seed & Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha come to light

    Gambatte! Lacus Clyne, and please, take Kira to the dark side with you in GS 3, would you?

  14. Haess… ssssssh. ;)

  15. To much Star Wars in that last one jejeje

    As someone said before “I love girls with hairclips”
    At least give Nanoha a good fight Lacus!
    After all, you are the girl of “THE ONE” in Gundam Seed.

    Ok, OK, No more bad jokes…

  16. I guess this match goes to Nanoha ehh..

    Bad luck Lacus, you can go homee know, return to PLANT for the next Gundam Seed series… and maybe Sunrise (with new writters) can give us a surprise jejeje.

    Who is next?

  17. Too bad luv… be’er luck next time..

    can’t wait for the 2nd seson amg…


    why!!! shana vs saber… whyyyy!!!! i cannot choose

  18. My favorite is Belldandy

    2nd will be Lacus

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