magikano 10… kinda…

Magic pantsu makes Magikano go round-and-round.


I usually finish watching an episode before blogging about it. Like Shana 4, this is an exception. That’s it. I’m taking a cold shower.

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  1. I read a summary of it on Random Curiosity. Sounds like a funny episode, though your pics would suggest otherwise. So how does it feel to finally step out of the closet with both feet?

    Subbers are fragging late…

  2. Yeah. AnimeU was almost caught up.. and now they’re three episodes behind. But this, at least so far, looks to be the best episode of Magikano yet. I mean, Marin AND Yuri going.. well.. yuri, because of a pair of magical pervert neko panties. Between that and Maika going crazy, plus more Yoshikawa family fanservice…

    This episode beats much of Fate/Stay Night all hollow, just for the Harem alone. :D

  3. People! This is FANSERVICE!!
    I nned some rest after this ^_^

  4. One more note – after watching the raw… I kinda miss Chaki going about the way she did in the manga… but damn… she knocks Yuri out of the top 5 spot with that look, even with Yuri’s yuri moment in this ep.

  5. Come to think about it, I miss the ‘abbreviated French meido’ uniform from the manga as well.. but the near-yuri scenes made up for that too.

  6. Wait, there’s a manga for this? I’m out of the loop.

  7. Excuse me? Top5 spot? NOONE and NOTHING beats Yuri ;) … and so say the polls either.

  8. Mentar: Yuri’s lovely to look at… but she’s not my cup of tea. Maybe it’s just how she’s presented here as a crazy stalker, rather than the (as she puts it) elegant and quiet lady. Maybe it’s because I usually see her looking demonic or shouting rather than the more ‘normal’ type that we see in her first appearance in Ep 2 or during the Cinderella play in Ep 9. And Yuri being all over Ayumi here was hilarious… but I find the ‘genki and athletic’ Chiaki preferable, at least after this appearance. :D

    Jason: Yes, there’s a manga out for this. The last one I’ve seen is Volume 5, and they stole an element out of that for Episode 9. They’re pretty good at following the plots of the manga… but I prefer the art here, due to the SD usage, and the change sin animation which make it more comedic than the manga presentation.

  9. Actually it’s exactly this disconnect between the polished model student ojousama exterior and her demonic-extreme inside which make her so interesting and appealing to me ;) … and if you think back, even in episode 2, she already started out as “demonic”. Well, and I guess that she’s a treat for the eyes – especially in her battle mode – doesn’t really hurt either.

    Chiaki is cute and nice, but a little bit nondescript for my personal tastes. Genki, but “not really involved”, especially since she stays out of the race for Haruo.

    So, I root for the ojousama-demon underdog without a trace of a chance ^_^

  10. Oh shi…..

    …. is all I can say.

  11. I thought Miaka was the demon underdog. The “this scene is imaginary” kills me for some reason… mostly because I expect that monster suit to have a zipper and for Ichijou to pop out of it.

  12. I’m just glad that Chiaki and Fuyuno are out of the ‘race for Haruo’ – that keeps it from descending into Sister Repure territory, and keeps two relatively sane characters around the main ones at most times. Anju Rika, while deadpan and serious, should not be considered ‘sane’ – but at least she’s restrained in her emotional responses to anything, unlike say…. Ayumi, Miteru or Maika.

    Personally, I still like Chiaki over Yuri, if only slightly – the battle costume notwithstanding, the problem’s not the disconnect so much as the fact that she’s almost always shown in ‘demonic’ mode… which reduces the physical appeal for me somewhat, since it’s easy to forget that she can be ‘normal’ instead of the stalker the show apparently makes her out to be. In the manga, she gets a few more ‘nice’ scenes than she does here… although the next week’s preview suggests that they’re taking one of those appearances where she’s not completely crazed into the anime (the Christmas ep).

    I mean, if they showed her ‘normal’ the way they show Maika about 70% of the time in more of her appearances, then I’d probably feel more the way you do. As it is, though, when I think of Yuri I see the ‘angry SD with glowing red eyes’ that appeared back in Ep 8 or the crazed berserker who threw Umi aside when she heard Ayumi lived with Haruo in Ep 3.

    At least her first appearance, Ep 2 during the dream, was normal. Then her walk through the schoolyard was normal. then her ‘rushing towards Haruo with a bento box’ in the first time-jump in Ep 3 was normal… and all three were appealing. Now if only they’d had more of that and less of the super-deformed. Ah well – at least the Yuri yuri made up for it somewhat… since she looked bloody sexy there, as did Marin. :D

  13. waaa, /-_-\ those pics got me really curious now, gotta love the fanservice, cant wait till subbed episode comes out since i cant stand spoiling an episode (or chapter if were manga) with RAWs, magikano is one of the best/funniest harem animes ive seen in awhile, lol and i was surprised to find out who the voice actors were (gettin off topic), anyone notice Chiyo-chan’s voice (azumanga diaoh), that one was pretty easy, and I had a feeling mamiya’s voice sounded a lot like Nemu (Da Capo) whenever she talked in a ‘cute’ way /+_+\ and i was riiight

  14. Yeah, Fuyuno has Chiyo-chan’s seiyuu, which is a nice contrast between the nice and naive Chiyo and the rather more worldly (and greedy) Fuyuno that gets all the evil laughter when she’s confronted with riches.

  15. Just got Magikano 11 RAW.

    Holy CRAP, but Yuri looks good. She FINALLY gets to exploit that potential… at least in her imagination.

  16. Whoa. Omega bad timing for an episode…

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  17. You’re missing the ‘hot Yuri’ screenshot there… but they kinda cut a bunch of frames. You really notice this when they pan up Yuri’s form there…

    I’m still wondering as to the plot-holes myself. For example, Haruo not freaking out at magic use there… or Maika not freaking out when Haruo chases after Ayumi… twice.

  18. Miaka = awesome.

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  19. Maika should either get the siscon part over with, or let Ayumi move into ‘her’ territory instead… :D Still, it was suprising that Maika let Ayumi tend to Haruo, even though she’d gotten jealous enough that she refused to let anyone else care for him in Ep 7, until Anju forced the issue by making Maika suddenly ‘ill’. ;)

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