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My gawd, Magikano is just pure win and awesome. I honestly didn’t stop laughing from beginning to end. And despite the blatant catering to the gym short moe fetish crowd, I actually managed to watch an entire episode.


Rita purchases Hayate’s Book of Darkness off of eBay and gives it to Ayumi. By writing in the book and enfusing it with magical power, what is written will come true. Why doesn’t Ayumi just write, “Lift my curse and get me the @%!# away from this loser household” is beyond me. Oh, well, it’s more fun when she instead decides to rig the school festival such that Haruo would Nanoha his way to victory, and Ayumi would give him a gohobi. Anytime gohobis and melonpans are involved, I will blog it. Simple as that.

Needless to say, the other girls want to stop Ayumi, and the situation quickly degenerates into the MVP will get a kiss from Haruo instead. All of the girls must be insane as why the #$@! do they see in this doormat? I mean… he’s such a loser he’s participating in the girl’s events… he’s clearly a minor character of a harem series in which he’s supposed to be the male lead… he’s got no redeeming qualities that someone like K1 or Yoshitaka would have. Of course all the ladies dig him. Anyway, the girls and Haruo all end up participating in one ultra-mega-American Gladitor-styled Eliminator course, and they take turns helping/impeding one another to the hilarious finish.

Stuff to look for…

  • Melonpan. They changed the OP animation a few episodes ago to insert new animation, and Chiaki is downing melonpan. Now I want a melonpan eating contest between her and Shana. (Quick Dr. Jack breakdown: stomach size goes to Chiaki. This has been firmly established but intangibles goes to Shana who can simply cheat and toss melonpan into her trenchcoat.)
  • Facial contortions. Really amped up this episode, and all of the girls continue to try to out do each other. I’m not sure if the dream team of Shinn, Mai, Suigintou, and Van can beat Ayumi, Maika, Yuri, and Marin in a facial contortion contest. Mmm… I have an idea for March Madness 2007 at least now. (Unfortunately, the Magikano harem has cute, funny facial distortions… not the awkward, emo, plot-sinking kind.)
  • Daydreamin’. All of the girls end up day dreaming about kissing Haruo, but they always end up losing their eyes on the prize when they do. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
  • Sticky balls. Please. Someone. Explain to me why ping pong balls, volleyballs, and soccer balls explode into a sticky substance. And, please reassure me that this isn’t the anti-Otome kind of…
  • Kage Kara Mamoru 8. Team Rocket-branded ejection systems are popping up everywhere.
  • Logical procession of plot. Yeah, it’s kinda sad that not-sucky writing is suddenly worthy of praise. I blame Sunrise. The plot uses foreshadowing nicely, like what Rika warns Ayumi to not be too hasty with the book. I just got that, “Uh oh, chaos will ensue!” feeling. I was giddy. Then Chiaki comes along and shows off her points… I was thinking, “She has more points than the other girls combined” at that point. Now I was thinking that the only way to end the episode is to have either Chiaki win or have Haruo win thus leading to the greatest hardo asexual moment in a harem series.
  • Logical use of characters. All of the characters behaved as they were supposed to… all of the girls will stab each other in the back when the opportunity arises, and they do. You also know Ayumi’s sister will toss in a monkey wrench, and Rita will sort things out. Nothing out of left field.
  • 3. One trick in writing is to build up a series and then deviate for the last iteration. Usually it takes three to build up and the fourth would be a spin. Here, the first three had Rita doing chores with the four, “smushing bugs,” a bit different.
  • Chigusa would have recoiled in horror. All of the girls fantasize giving Haruo a simple peck on the cheek. He ends up kissing his own sister on the mouth, and everyone is okay with this? He has a sacred bond with Chiaki now! And no one else at the high school noticed? If someone at my high school kissed his sister on stage, on the lips, I’m sure he’ll hear smack about it till he’s forty. Unless, of course, if my high school was located in West Virginia.

What really strikes me is the complete surprise Magikano has been. If you remember the Winter 2006 poll, Magikano came in third to last place behind Tactical Roar. If we redid that poll now, it’ll probably be: Magikano, FSN, REC, Kage Kara Mamouru, and Kashimashi (with Ergo Proxy not really starting until recently). Hindsight’s always 20-20.

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  1. The Fan subbers finally came through! By Jove that was hilarious and I agree that there could have been wonderful opportunity for an asexual moment, but…if Chiaki wins the door mat. Ow, head hurtz.

    I just loved all that scheming, I guess medicrity ain’t so bad comapred to utter garbage. Speaking of sunrise any news of the scriptwriter addresses? I’ve got surplus sugar and a whole MRE (Meals Rejected by Everyone) of country captian chicken and teriyaki for constructive uses, I even have the peanut butter…

  2. I love this episode, hilarious from start to finish. And by far the funniest and best way to wrap up an amzing episode was having Harou gone and kiss Tiaka/Chiaka on the lip which lead to this:
    Everyone just wanted a simple kiss (and the things that follows it) but here he goes up and kisses someone in the lip who once cried when her brother and sister ‘fought’, and would probably still.
    “heeheee heee I won heehee, huh, aniki?”
    “heeheee heee aniki kissed me heehee”
    *Everyone else dissolves into the wind*

    Oh, and they do explain why each of the girls like the doormat, but even in a non comedy harem, a simple ‘love at first sight’ should be sufficient, no?

  3. I’m more surprised by the fact that nobody commented on Haruo kissing his sister in front of the whole school… that and Chiaki taking it all in good stride and being apparently cheerful about it (or the fact she won the MVP award). Either the guys thing that his sisters are so attractive that it doesn’t matter… or there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with that school.

    Mind you, the expressions on everyone else’s faces were hilarious. :D And since you’ve seen Ep 10, you have to agree that Chiaki IS rather… attractive. :D

  4. No one other than the four commented on a cliff in the school yard, a plant monster, or the track becoming a scorching, quaking, thundering land neither :P

  5. True, but that was all magical anyways.. so at the very least, you could say that they’d cloaked it from the others, or kept them from remarking on it, due to the book’s effect. But the spell from the book ended with Haruo’s kiss… so I’d expect a bit MORE response than just staring there. I mean, you’d expect Haruo’s friends to ride him on that for a while, given that they’ve already stated he’s a connoisseur of cute girls due to his living with two (now three) attractive young women.

  6. @Hasslich
    Did you find that kiss shocking? It was more of peck and even if it was on the lips, I fail to recall any tongue. Still if the whole school went in to shock I would have dearly loved to see the judicious use of magical memory hammers.:)

    Chiaki getting kissed by the door mat errr…Haruo for me is no longer shocking, I guess Koi Kaze has long destroyed by knee jerk reaction towards brother and sister lurvin as I actually gave it some thought and the only apprehension I had was genetic inbreeding. Seriously if you look at the history of inbreeding goes to the very heart of western civilization, definitely back to Roman times and if you think that Ancient Egypt had some influence on western civilization ancient Egyptians were notorious for marrying brothers and sisters. Regardless of the morality of it, it does make for good bawdy history jokes. Maybe in this idealized universe of Magikano such trivial issues and pundits are dead (preferably in NKVD style), in short a utpoia where people simply go meh rather than OMG and attack about 2% of the population.

    Besides this is Chiaki, and as I recall little kawaii Chiaki blew the whole hansel and gretel story way out of proportion. This thing you call attractive…does not compute, she is adorable though.

    To the First Lord of AOMM:
    After this march madness is over how about putting up a magikano poll? It’ll bring out those of us still hiding and watching this in the underground.

  7. It’s not SHOCKING per se… but this is his sister, and a mouth-on-mouth kiss, especially in Japan, isn’t exactly something that one gives to siblings. Heck, even in Europe, I believe they’re restricted to cheek and forehead most times. You don’t usually do that with someone unless you’re dating, or at least very friendly… and with his sister? That’s just… well, it’s very improper, and possibly incestuous.

    I personally find her attractive because she’s not as intense as Yuri can be, as evil or psychotic as Ayumi and Maika can be, and is not nearly as obsessive as Fuyuno can be… although she is easily distracted and probably not the sharpest tool in the shed. Besides, in the manga she can be pretty sweet… which cinches it.

    But Ayumi still has my heartstrings, and probably my wallet, although Maika, Chiaki, Marin, and Rika are in my top five for the time being.

  8. @ Haesslich

    Ah, but being a comedy how many of us are expected to take it seriously? Having been long striped of almost any right to judge by my current employer, things like this cause me a minor infliction of indiffernece. If I saw it in real life, given what I have seen, I’d be curious as to the nature of this oddity, but won’t attack it on impulse. Still I think that our siscon bretheren are giving this episode bonus points.

    If Chiaki wins the heart and mind of said door mat, suffice to say it’d be a significant twist on an Asa Victory.

  9. I think that open-mouth kisses are more private in Japan than in America. I do still it’s quite scandalous for the two, and there should have been more of a reaction beyond the girls. The teacher? The sci-fi club? The principal? He should be having a siscon moe breakdown.

    Anyway… Chiaki is faaaaaaantastic. It’ll be great if at the end it’s revealed that she secretly wants aniki and has been playing the girls off of each other while biding her time. She wasn’t grossed out by the kiss… she liked it. o_O

    I’ll probably have to run a Favorite Witch poll now… mmm… but I have a hard time choosing. Both Ayumi and Miaka have their devil voices… Yuri has battle mode… Marin has her cluelessness… Chiaki has her melonpan. I can’t decide.

  10. Ummm… Just what the heck is a gohobi anyways? :(

  11. Gohoubi = Prize, reward

  12. Did anyone not die laughing at Fuyuno’s reaction to Chiaki winning the live salmon eating competition?

  13. >>All of the girls must be insane as why the #$@! do they see in this doormat?

    Who cares? It’s just an excuse to make the girls do crazy things. For goodness sake, I love Magikano for the fact that Haruo is not focused on, and is treated more like a plot device to the get the girls do silly stuff.

    >>What really strikes me is the complete surprise Magikano has been.

    I agree with that sentiment. Magikano is quite easily one of my more anticipated shows for the Winter 2006 Season series’ now.Really can’t beat it’s totally crazy and in-your-face humour and fanservice :).

  14. >>Did anyone not die laughing at Fuyuno’s reaction to Chiaki winning the live >>salmon eating competition?

    It wasn’t just you, Fuyuno was cracking me up the whole episode. “Chiaki is so clueless”.

    I have to say that Magikano is a joy to watch.

  15. Ok, don’t get me wrong. I don’t DISLIKE magikano. However, I’m not really a crazy anime kinda guy. I didn’t like FLCL, and I pretty much hated Excel Saga. With that point taken into account, I don’t think magikano is that bad. I enjoy the humor and it has a nice range of characters. However, that being said, I totally thought magikano would be a different anime when I started it. More of a harem/romance? anime with some sillyness but definately not that as the major push of the series. That sorta left me not liking the series at first. Yet, now that I’m farther into the series, I can say I at least enjoy it.

    What can I say… I’m weird!

  16. Okay, sorry to be off-topic, but you mentioned it here.
    Is Ergo Proxy being subbed any time soon? ;__; Your review made me really want to see it.

  17. iwub, Magikano is _nothing_ like FLCL or Excel Saga. It’s more Girls Bravo than anything.

    Ember, I think like five groups have subbed Ergo Proxy.

  18. Animesuki, you have failed me.

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