shana vs saber, dr jack style [nws]

Hey! A timely analysis. As Syaoran Li noted, it’s an ahoge battle! Where’s Maho?!? Shouldn’t she be involved… anyway… due to the scope involved, remember to keep things in the anime realm. Stuff like, “Well, there’s that one doujinshi where Chigusa and Shana were doing this nakkid apron…” doesn’t count in this analysis, even if nakkid apron Chigusa x Shana or a Saber striptease can swing the vote in ways words can’t.


Let’s get this started, Dr Jack style…




Shana: Is there any doubt Shana owns the flat chest as well as eternally loli category (edging out VITACHANVITACHANVITACHAN in the process)? She’s cute but lacks the curves to be considered sekushi (unless you’re really, really into loli and there’s other blogs out there that will better cater to this…). Her ceiling would be Zhang Ziyi. [Alpha123] Shana 4, need I explain. I still could take a cold shower when I rewatch that episode. Or take your pick from one of Shana’s bath and shower scenes. Not to mention Shana looks downright awesome in here school uniform. [thenightshadow] Shana prefers bandages. Lots and lots of bandages. When she’s not in a tub or in her uniform, she’s in a dress/yukata or in bandages. Honestly, Shana seems not to like changing her clothes. The same could be said for Saber, though Saber did admit that what she wears is fine for her.


Saber: Classically beautiful. She’s not cute, she doesn’t ooze sex, and her stoic demeanor plays a part in this. Absolutely stunning in her white evening dress, which desperately needs to make an appearance in the anime. Her ceiling would be late 90’s Ashley Judd. [Alpha123] Saber, all we get is episode 10 to expound on here hawt factor. All I can say is that wasn’t any Shana 04, or Shana bath/shower scene, or Shana loli/hawtness in general. [thenightshadow] Saber likes to wear her dress all the time (except when going to shower) and then has her combat attire above it and the mana-activated metal plates above that. Oh, and she’s not shy about showing her assets. Quote Saber “Why is there a need to be embarassed?”

Whatever floats your boat would be the key here. Shana for the loli, school girl crowd. Saber for everyone else. I’m going with everyone else, but if Shana wore loose socks, it would swing to her favor. Edge: Saber.



Shana: Pretty much like any kid. “Urasai! Urasai! Urasai!” Can’t admit her true feelings either thus leading to her love interest having cyber sex with Enma Ai.


Saber: No nonsense knight. She never seems to crack a smile or laugh at a joke… are these people fun to hang around with in real life? Maybe about as much fun as someone telling you to shut up all the time.

Whatever floats your boat, once again. Peaks and valleys or a flat plateau. Edge: Push.

Hawt Passionate Nights

Shana: None. Nada. Zilch. Though it’s Yuji’s fault.

Saber: None. Nada. Zilch. I blame Geneon.

For potential, it’s Saber and her h-game pedigree. Odds any of that pedigree will show up in the anime? As much as the PS3 making it to the US this year. Edge: Saber.

Character Fetishes


Shana: [thenightshadow] Shana has the loli-factor and the newly made meron-pan fetish. Inventing a new fetish? Sounds like win.


Saber: [thenightshadow] Saber has none. Period.

Couldn’t agree more. Melonpan-loli 4tw. And that’s not even covering Shana-tan or “Urachai! Urachai! Urachai!” Edge: Shana.

Love Interests


Shana: Yuji’s a twit. At least Matsumaru scored with the Flame Haired, Red Hot-Eyed Seiyuu while Yuji’s stuck at the plate. He’s too concerned with “flaming out,” “saving the city,” and “making nice with Yoshida” to pay attention to the Shana buffet in front of him, though it’s probably not as appetizing as a Mai buffet or Ichijou feast. Yuji does get points for being an active hero as well as a quick thinking. He’s the anti-Shinji Ikari. [thenightshadow] Poor Shana. On the one hand, she’s finding out what love is all about. On the other, she’s still trying to find her affection for “a Mistes”. Somewhat sad (in terms of emotional), since you typically can’t marry a Hobo to a Princess (proper analogy used here).


Saber: Wait, who exactly is Saber’s love interest? Emiya, who ran away from her while she was nakkid? Rin, who seems more interested in the loser Emiya? Ilya? Yuji? Giroro? I have no clue. [thenightshadow] Saber has been popularly depicted in doujinshis with Rin, Sakura, Caster, Shirou, Archer, Gilgamesh, among others, AND any combination of them. Of course, this can get pretty wild. (I’m not sure if one night stand and/or orgy partners qualify as love interests…)

Let’s pencil in Shana for the edge here since while Emiya [thenightshadow] starts out weak and ends up kicking unrighteous butt, Yuji starts out weak and ends up a tank of never-ending power for Shana. Emiya is also pretty annoying. If Saber sneaks in a threesome with Rin and Ilya and confesses her love to them Tomoe-style, she gets the edge. Edge: Shana but Saber pending.

Combat Abilities


Shana: Equipped with Nietono no Shana and Bloodsucker, she is an excellent swordswoman. [Alpha123] Good with a sword, martial arts (flashback arc), flame wings, and can burn crap up. She can take on Saber any day. Heck, all she would have to do is cast fuzetsu, and Saber is screwed.


Saber: Equipped with her Noble Phantasm, she is an exellent swordswoman. [Alpha123] Not so good of a track record. First we get impaled by Lancer, then we get our back cracked open by Berserker, and finally she can’t even land a decent blow on Assassin during the more recent episodes. The only time we see her opponent get pwed is when she is beating the stuffing out of Shirou or Fuji-nee with her little wooden stick. From what we have been shown, Saber isn’t all that badass as she is played up to be (strictly speaking from what has been shown in the anime so far).

[thenightshadow] If both go full out on each other, Saber will definately win, provided she still has her sheath of Excalibur (which makes her invulnerable to death). However, Saber isn’t someone who takes things seriously in battle until she is matched in skill, so if somehow Shana could extract her power of existance before Saber gets into full combat mode, sheath or no sheath, Shana wins. Now, Saber runs on mana, while Saber doesn’t run on anything but her “love for Yuuji”. While love is definately finite, its power is infinite. Mana doesn’t last forever, and Saber can’t pull a sex scene while Shana’s battling her.

Very similar combat abilities, but the tiebreaker goes to the head-to-head matchup winner. Shana has three distinct advantages over Saber: first, she’s smaller. Remember Yoda vs Dooku? Exactly. Second, she has two swords, and I’m not sure if Saber can figure out a way to defeat both. Lastly and more importantly, Shana can toss fireballs and fly. She can always fly around out of Saber’s reach and rain fiery destruction… what could Saber do? Go to Home Depot and buy a ladder? Wait for a Mai Otome-class plot contrivance to save her? Bait Shana with melonpan? Merge her sword with sheath and make a bow from it? (Honestly, who would give a close-combat knight a frickin’ long range distance attack as their ultimate move? Signum has all of her abilities geared for front line stuff, and somehow she has a long distance mode. At least Nanoha isn’t able to turn Raging Heart into a dagger, coffee-stirring spoon, or other close melee weapon. Off-topic, I know.) Edge: Shana.



Shana: Flails sword wildly. She’s no Jiyu Nanoha.


Saber: So fast, you can’t even see her sword… oh, wait.

They’re both sword users, though Shana’s Nietono looks more like a Japanese katana while Saber’s is more European (when seen!). Shana-tan looks like she has better sword form that Shana, which is beyond sad. Saber? Very prim and proper. I’d take fencing under her tutalage anyday. Edge: Saber.

Teaching Abilities

Shana: Tries to train Yuji, but she keeps calling him, “Hopeless.” Yet he still does well and works in Shana’s framework… somewhat. Yuji, by now, deserves a non-pastry gohobi.

Saber: Tries to train Emiya, but Emiya fails at grasping the direness of his situation. Not only that, he runs away from Saber’s “extra credit” opportunity. Emiya needs to be killed off ASAP so Rin can take over as Saber’s master.

They’re both twits, but Yuji’s just less of one. Edge: Shana.

Character Growth


Shana: Extremely childish loner at the beginning of the series, and her interactions with Yuji really opens up her character. As much as Wilhelmina has meant to her, she was willing to go to bat for Yuji and defy the uber-meido. She starts to experience life and not just live as a flame haze. [Alpha123] Compare Shana from beginning to the series to where she is now. You certainly see a change in her character.


Saber: She’s very robotic, and it always seemed like she’s programmed for the sole purpose of the Holy Grail War, which is fine, but it doesn’t make for a dynamic character. Can she break the mold and really grow? From the anime, doubtful. From the ero-game, slightly more, but something like if Saber ever asked Sakura for cooking tips to impress Emiya, that’ll be a shocker to me. [Alpha123] From what we have to run on right now I haven’t seen that much from Saber in fate/snore night. Saber is, well, just not that intriguing figure as Shana.

While FSN is not even halfway through it’s run, it’s clearly not focused on Saber’s character development whereas a large part of Shakugan no Shana revolves around Shana’s blossoming love for Yuji. Edge: Shana.

Non Combat Skills

Shana: Can’t cook. Doesn’t clean. At least she knows how to train Yuji.

Saber: Sits, sleeps, and mediatates.

Both make Mai look like an Iron Chef. Neither are known for things outside of melonpan, loliness, and threesomes. Maybe slight edge to Shana-tan’s barbering abilities. Nah. Edge: Push.

Alternate Persona


Shana: Shana-tan 4tw.

Saber: Evil Saber. Mahoro.

No contest. Edge: Shana-frickin’-tan.

Lesbian Tendancies and Conclusion


Shana: In the anime, not only does uber-meido Wilhelmina bandage up Shana, Shana also gets the eye from Chigusa. Shana is also very comfortable showing off her body to the females as witnessed by her running out of the bath nakkid to Wilhelmina and her shower with Yoshida (okay, okay, so it’s a gym class… so what?).


Saber: “Okay, we have this ero-game that we want to make into an anime. For the most part, the game has this horrible male lead character and convoluted plot, but it has these lesbians. Most of our audience who buys this game likes the lesbians and post images of said lesbians on imageboards.” “We can make it into an anime, but you have to get rid of the lesbians. How can get this on Cartoon Network if there’s lesbians? And can you work giant robots into it somehow?” I think that was the discussion between Type Moon and Geneon. Yes, I think Type Moon sold out to Geneon as fast as Google did to the Chinese.

Should I smite Saber in the rankings just because of the complete non-lesbian nature of the anime? Yes. As I explained a few moons ago, dance with the one who brought ya. If they took out all the h-scenes from the game and added 25% more Emiya, would it have been as popular? Or would it sit in the bargin bin? With Shana, they took the heart of the novels, Yuji and Shana’s interaction, and ported it over.


While Saber is finitely more popular than Shana in terms of doujinshis, image board fanboys, etc., her rep is from the game and not the anime, just like To Heart 2‘s healthy girl. Shana, on the other hand, gained popularity with her anime series and brought new attention to the original novels. (At least this is the trend that I see.) I can see the appeal of Saber, but she’s like Rei Ayanami. Infinitely loved by fanboys… but… why? Rei’s quite, stoic nature? Rei’s affinity for death and injury? Rei’s curves? Like Saber, Rei is a character taken by fandom and greatly expanded by the fans and became greater than what the original animated version was. Gainax, to their semi-credit, realized this phemonenom and their post-Eva products have all focused on a different Rei Ayanami… Girlfriend of Steele? Raising Ayanami?


Overall, while Saber has more beauty and composure, Shana is a more diverse and complex character. Shana has the ability to be piercing serious, somewhat humorous (okay at least Shana-tan is humorous), childish, cute (like learning how to cook with Chigusa), and she can make at attempt at seducing Yuji. Saber, well, she looks fantastic out of the shower, but when was the last time she cracked a smile? Final edge: Flame Haired, Red Hot Eyed Flame Haze.

(Big thanks to Alpha123 and thenightshadow for the help!)

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  1. Hmm, the Saber – Ayanami Rei comparison was interesting. I can see Rin as the Asuka’s counterpart, snobby smart girl with superiority complex (minus all that bitchness of Asuka).

    About the lesbian tendencies of Fate/Stay Night characters: Hey I thought all anime female characters were bi…

  2. Eh, no problem was my pleasure to help. You asked for opinions and I just gave mine. Was doing what any warm blooded Shana lover would do.

    Rock the Vote! Shana FTW!!

  3. Darn too late to help, fragging bloody bastardly professor giving mid terms one day before finals…

    You are correct about how much Shirou is killing Fate/Stay Night, though I have next to no idea about how good the actual games was. You also drew a nice parallel between Saber and Gainax cash Cow Rei though my meager wallet is dedicated ot neither.

    Still I am disappointed that you missed the opportunity to expouse the lesser known benefits of Excalibur. Armed with Excalibur you can become King/Queen of the Britons deriving you power from a farciacl aquatic ceremony. You can also go about on a quest for the Holy Grail, use Trojan Bunnies, fight the Beast of Caerbannog with Holy Hand Grenades, gain entry into Castle Anthrax, and best of all go about saying Ni.

    Indeed Giroro would make for a much better male lead in F/SN…

    Shirou the Brave
    … Who had nearly fought the Dragon of Agnor …
    … Who had nearly stood up to to the vicious Chicken of Bristol …
    … and who had personally wet himself at the Battle of Badon Hill.

  4. Shana-tan alone gives Shana my vote. Thumbs up to Saber and all, but it took me a few beers to even enjoy the last couple episodes of FSN… even with nakkid Saber. There needs to be a Sakura X Rin episode. :P I demand a Sakura X Rin episode!

  5. Well, the game at least had h-scenes.. and Shirou actually ended up being useful in combat, which is more than he’s done here, since they’ve already gotten past the part where the plots majorly diverge… and he’s still as useless as ever. At least, in the game, he COULD kill Servants. Here, he’s killing the show instead of killing Servants.

    Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that Shirou has plot-armor keeping him intact (along with Rin and Ilya trying to keep him alive despite himself), he’d have been dead at the end of Episode 2… and unless they’d immediately bonded Rin with Saber, the show would’ve followed it quickly into the hereafter. Shirou’s the reason the show’s dragging right now – they have to focus on him as the main harem male… and he’s doing absolutely nothing. At least Archer and Rin were out hunting the serial-killer Servant; the ‘hero of Justice’ Emiya Shirou won’t even let his Servant out to fight, much less fight for justice himself.

    Now if they’d stuck more closely to the games… Shirou would have actually been useful by now, and less of an idiot. And halfway to getting laid. :P

  6. Heck, the rate things are going, Yuuji has a better chance of getting both Shana -and- Wilhemina in bed than Shirou does of getting a kiss from Rin, much less Saber, if you’re going the harem route.

    In a straight-up power fight, I suspect that Saber could beat Shana, especially if she brought Avalon and Excalibur into play to neutralize enemy powers while Excalibur did the Ginsu job on Shana… but Shirou’s a bigger liability than almost any male partner I’ve ever seen in any anime to date. Even Shinji Ikari could be goaded into fighting to protect his friends – Shirou does anything BUT, and is more than willing to get others around him killed through his idiotic actions (such as rushing into battle without weapon or backup, or even the intention to fight).

  7. Emiya as Shinji, Saber as Ayanami, Fuji-nee as Motoko, Shinji (FSN’s) as Shirou (Eva’s), Lancer as Pen-pen, Archer as Kaji, and Rin as Asuka. Brilliant. FSN is nothing but an Eva clone, minus the deep religious overtones. If Emiya is, uh, pleasuring himself to Saber’s dead body by episode 21, I’m giving up anime cuz there’s nothing left that could possibly top that.

  8. Thank you for mention it!

    Another great job in all terms Jason, every single detail was said, at least if you look into anime realm. If you really analyze this, Shana will be the winner with no doubt.

    I know Servants have to fight for the Holy Grail, but that doesn’t mean they have to be like robots. These words apply for everyone, of course Saber is on top of the list, we know her past (at least if you know the game), but why she has to be like that? I want to see her more friendly with Shirou, she has her duty of course, but enjoying a little bit her time with Shirou and everybody else is fine too. Maybe, if writers are a little good with us, Saber can grown up a little bit, if she can realize the things she did on Fate/Stay Night game , I’m going to be gladly although the series doesn’t end very well.

    And now about Shana, first and foremost, she is still a child with a big task to do. Keep the balance of the world is not easy, more if you had to fight against your own people. Call you destiny or whatever, but her meeting with Sakai Yuuji turns her world upside down inside out. She learn a lot of things, thanks to Yuuji, she found that everything is not how it seems. He saw more than a mere Flame Haze, he saw the real she, like a human who take the task to protect this world with a Guze no Tomogara. The fact that a Mistes, somebody has already dead, can accept the truth about himself, and more about her, make a big change in her. At the beginning Yuuji want to be remembered by Shana, but that situation gave Shana a big opportunity to stay by his side (because of her duty at first). Every battle, every day spends in school, every action take by Yuuji, helps Shana to realize something more important than battles, Tomogaras or torches. Love, she learns about that feeling very well (finally admit it by now); the same feeling that make the previous “Enpatsu Shakugan no Ushite” to decline her contract (in a matter of speak) with Alastor. I don’t know how Shakugan no Shana is going to end, but I’m happy about Shana, if she can take her own path, as a Flame Haze or as a person who found her loved one, that’s fine with me, as log as she make the choice.

    Out of the resemblance of both characters, their seryuu make a wonderful work on them. Ayako Kawasumi (Saber) shows us her experience in this kind of character personality (like Lafiel on Seikai no Senki), and then Rie Kugimiya (Shana) who win the hearts of fanboys with her “Urusai!” Remarkable choices

    Now, let everyone gather here again and begin with the final battle of the first round.

  9. hum….saber all the way cuz shana inspire too much loli. loli bad and punished by the law !
    saber is hawt and you want to have s3x with her ! know you want .

    if my mind trick attemps fail , and yet you prefer loli…well… you’ll make me sad :(

  10. Despite the in-depth analysis, this is going to be one hell of a close race. A lot of people are going to vote Saber just out of pure adoration *cough*me*cough* lol.
    Also, I found it strange that you didn’t acknowledge the fact that Shana has had way, way more on screen time then Saber, thus the reason for more character development. Maybe you were using the game as hindsight? Oh, well lol I’ll leave with:
    Saber FTW!!! lol

  11. You guys are being a little unfair with Saber in the “Combat Abilities” part.

    You mencion she lost to Lancer, but actually was more like a draw. She was impaled yes, but still survived. Lancer’s atack was one instant-kill/automatic-hit atack with no defense or dodge could save, yet Saber survived. The only way to escape that atack is by luck, and Saber has a very high lucky stat. That’s something to considerate. And not just that, she discovered Lancer’s true identity and survived his ultimate atack. If the fight keeps going on, his chances of victory against her were pretty small.

    And how could you forgot just a few minutes after that, Saber fought Archer and Rin, and defeated them both in just a few seconds?

    As for the fight against Berserker, don’t forget Saber just lost because she was already hurted and he was a gigantic semigod with the strenght of 100 men. There’s no way ANYONE could win!

    As for the fight against Assassin, well, he was not a wimp himself. According the story, Sasaki Kojiro was one of the finnest swordmen on Feudal Japan. And he was surprised for how much time Saber was resisting and still sparring with him. Yet, he could say she was hiding her true power/potential.

    To tell the truth, i don’t know how much Shanna is good (still need to watch this one), but i don’t think Saber is very inferior to her.

    On “Non-combat skills” part, you forgot to say Saber eats and sleeps A LOT! (i know, not much of a quality indeed) :D

    And at least, unlike Rei Ayanami, she can smile and make some funny comments, sometimes.

  12. To chuck Shana into the “Loli bin ftw” is kinda unfair to her. I`m glad that the comparision wasn`t so much about that, but rather it`s pretty much balanced.

    But i think it`s abit hard to compare Saber with Shana at the moment because FSN only has 10 episodes while SNS is already ending soon T.T

  13. I noticed lot of people hate the current Shirou.
    So I made a new scenario:

  14. She needs to be using a sword for that. :D

  15. LOL, that was a good one…
    Poor Shioru…

  16. @Jason

    No prob Jason.
    I love doing this kind of analysis, and if it weren’t for my finals, I probably would have covered more detail.

    (I wouldn’t mind if you hired me and Alpha123 for this kind of thing, it was nice and helps me to get a better perspective of other’s viewpoints; helpful for my fiction writing.)

  17. lol, if you ever play Fate/Stay Night, honestly expecting to find lesbians, you’re in for a pretty big surprise.

  18. Good point… thank you very much to the fanboys for that
    Saber x Rin… so hot! But… nevermid

  19. Difficult choice for me… After some thoughts, decided on Saber. Her look is more versatile (can look cute, cool, pretty, or even go for moe look). Shana’s attraction is more specific… :D.

  20. Agree with evad83, plus Saber is a Knight :D

    Saber for me.

    Plus alot of the pointless fanservice they give Shana puts me off her character.

  21. @ thenightsshadow

    These actually take me a long time to write so any help is appreciated.

  22. About the Fuzetsu thing, it does only blocks movements of non-espiritual beings right?
    Or whatever it is, Saber being an mythical hero spirit brought back by the power of the Holy Grail, shouldn’t be able to handle it?

    And I agree that you were unfair as to Saber’s battle abilities, having far more experience than Shana gives a nice edge to her.
    Plus, on the fight against Berserk, I think the only reason she did lost was because she ‘hesited’ about striking at Ilya. Above everything else, she has principles *_*

  23. Sorry… I dont have an essay xP
    But, if this was based on the games as well as anime, I’m sure saber would have an edge (IMO), but this is anime… so I’m gonna have to go with Shana.


  24. the last picture so cute meow~ where you find it? sooo cute meow~ oh yeah meow~that is sana isn’t meow~?

  25. Hey, this looks pretty close. If you haven’t voted already, you should hurry.

  26. Quote=”in between”
    “lol, if you ever play Fate/Stay Night, honestly expecting to find lesbians, you’re in for a pretty big surprise.”

    Why is it a big surprise? For finding the expected lesbian scenes? The game DOES contain lesbian scenes.

  27. Tanuki, no, not really. The game has one threesome, and that’s it. Moreover, I said nothing about “lesbian scenes” I specifically said “lesbians” of which there are none.

  28. I read this and basically what i got was


    Mai> Shana+Saber

    This poll isn’t fair, fate/stay has only had 11 episodes out right now and Shana has 20+ (Not to mention mai hime already finished and has a AU series already out)

    And why is it shana vs. Saber and not Shana vs. Rin, so far Rin has been the queen of the fate/stay anime in terms of popularity

  29. And no one complained about the 100 episode to 26 advantage that Lacus had on Nanoha? And Nanoha still kicked Lacus’ tooshie?

    Actually, Saber is extremely popular, just maybe not with the audience of this blog. Keep in mind that she was originally from a very popular and very successful h-game.

  30. Also, she’s pretty much the cornerstone of every F/SN doujinshi picture. While Rin’s in most of them with her, Saber is just about always there. :)

    I think it’s mostly a timing thing (just like the real March Madness, curse you UNR!). Shana’s show is peaking right as the voting is going on. F/SN has been mired in mediocrity for weeks now (until this week :) ). By the end of the spring season the same poll could turn up different results.

  31. I liked a lot the comparison. But… ‘cmon guys! It would be awesome if you could have both of them with you in the middle! ;P

    Otherwise it would have no fun at all. ;)

  32. OMG some of responses are so retarded! Do you people have any idea what are you talking about? Shana can beat Saber? King Arthur? Legendary Knight who wielded Excalibur? Holy Sword of humanity?! The sword whos image(created by Shirou) killed Berserk (Heracles Semi-god) 7 times with one blow?! U make me laugh! Saber is considered one of the best Knights and thus sword wielders of mythology! And Excaliburs’ Scabard- Avalon even makes her imortal… and don’t forget, Saber has high resistances to magic! About the looks-i choose Saber, because she’s beautiful, cute and charming unlike childish Shana. I do agree that on early series she does seem robotic, but later on she gets warmer! BTW i don’t know about the game, but i haven’t seen threesome or lesbian scenes in this anime, there was one seen (i think episode 14) where Rin shook up Saber and Shirou in order for ritual to take place(to make it easier to perform) but that’s it.

  33. Saber does have character fetishes: stuffed tigers and food.

  34. SPOILER: Saber is the most gallant of all knight (She is a king in her past-life)

    You should not expect her to be so giggly and care-free. Oh, and she’s cuter than Shana :P

    There is no lesbianism (lol) in the game, it’s a three-some.

    Based on experience and skills.. Need I have to say more?

    Saber FTW

  35. I don’t care if you hate me for saying this but I personally love shana because 1. It’s very serious, yet funny too, 2. I just love a good romance, and lastly 3. Shana is just damn friggen hot, and watching the anime makes me want to be Fuji Sakai cuz that would be soooo cool, and i would feel like I was the luckiest guy alive, or luckiest torch that’s still burning.

  36. Oh and all of those saber fans who like how saber looks, just search “shana” on google and look at the images, so damn hot man, so damn hot. And Gio shut the hell up or as i would like to say to your face “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” Shana’s swordswomanship skills may not be so great but, one tiny little fuzetsu can kill your heroine, plus Shana still has bludslauger so Shana kills your heroine no matter what dude. Saber fans I bet if you see how a COMPLETELY NAKED Shana looks like when she’s frozen solid I’d see an angel come out of you. I’d die for a girl exactly like Shana but treats me as though im Fuji. This blog is right saber fans, my Shana can kill your saber, can she will. Nothing can kill Shana, she’s invincible. She didn’t die from a sword being pierced through her chest! Shana can kill anything with fuzetsu and/or fuji by her side. Fuji may not be much of a help to her but still she’s so happy and confident because he’s there that she feels she can do ANYTHING and I believe she can. What i’m hoping for is a twist in shana no shakugan’s story line like Shana was Hirai-san the whole time. I mean if that happens then Fuji would fall head over heels for her, besides you can tell Fuji already likes Hirai by what he tries doing for her in the first 2 episodes, and NO DUH Fuji is already in love with Shana. I want Kazumi yoshida to fuck off of their relationship i mean can’t she tell they belong with each other. If that happened to me, even if i really liked the girl with all my heart, i would give up because I don’t want to tamper with true love and the balance of the world. If I do the flame haze might the after me. SHH! don’t tell them about this. Im kinda on the run from Shana. She’s trying to kill me for trying to kiss her. Just admit it saber fans, Shana beats all other anime. not even nuclear missles can kill her. If pokemon were real i guess they might have a slime chance but she’ll probably use fuzetsu to kill them. And if anyone even comes near her Fuji and starts to “mingle” with him she’ll slice her open.


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