they’re not really otome…

I think I finally figured out what’s wrong with Mai Otome. (Besides the poor scriptwriting.) Check out this TV vs DVD comparison and notice how there’s this extra bulge on the girls for the TV version. Disturbing… though it does validate my Brokeback scenario for Otome.

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  1. The Dvd version is the one on the… right right? But the tv one looks more fleshed out.

  2. Um.. the problem’s that they’re fleshed out in all the WRONG places…

    But I guess that explains the lack of a male protein issue, as well as part of why Sergey was reluctant to do ‘the deed’ in the last ep.

  3. I think you’re on to something…

  4. Well, THAT explains a lot.

  5. WTF? That’s…. gross. But in my experience of *ahem* certain pc gaming, those err bulges are supposed to make the female body more alluring since those tights are body hugging… and it brings more curves to accentuate certain anatomy… But then again I’m pretty much wrong and mistaken. No wonder the changes for the dvd version.

  6. wow…such a change with the tv vers and dvd vers. o_O i didn’t know that tv animators sucked THAT badly. o_O

  7. Hmm, I guess the dvd version is intended for kids. You do realise that the girls now have even smaller breast sizes. The removal of certain lighting actually made some of them flat as pancakes. ^^;

  8. Well, that’s certainly stomach churning.

  9. The bulges sure are disturbing, but I’m more disturbed about the changes in facial expressions. How come in some of the pictures, DVD version has worse quality drawings? This is just messed up…

  10. Actually, the character art in the DVD version looks to be more “on model”. This is especially noticeable in the first set of screenshots. It seems the TV animation team for this particular episode had a thing for fat faces.

    And, even though the funky bulges are gone, the swimsuits look to be cut smaller.

  11. Err… Perhaps I need to explain…

    The extra highlights in the crutch area is suppose to give suggestion to the existance of camel-toe… The bulge is actually more anatomically correct.

  12. maybe they just had some afro bush going on

  13. Afro bush? lol the girls are still pretty much starting puberty. Not enough to fashion an Afro :P

  14. Mashiros a man baby

  15. in the manga… not in the TV right? Right? (sweats) senses something coming….

  16. lol

    its not big deal .. its even more better with out this big things

    and dont 4get its better ..

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