championship: chidori vs belldandy

It’s been a fun ride, and the Shana vs Belldandy match is one for the ages (I’m impressed… never thought I’d see 200 comments on this blog). In the end, Belldandy’s fans were a bit more organized than Shana’s and pulled out a victory. Now, it’s time for the final match for the championship… Chidori vs Belldandy.


The final match pits #3 seed Chidori against #7 Belldandy. Chidori had a relatively easy path to victory by first stomping the torso-less Suigintou 60 to 40 then conquering a fate-less Nanoha 61 to 39. Meanwhile, Belldandy had her hands full with the bouncy, curvy Mai 53 to 47 and the extremely flat Shana 51 to 49. As a reminder, the rules for March Madness are: in a modified format, all of the heroines who have won a poll (and I tossed in two more “at large” bids to make it an even eight) will go at it heroine vs. heroine until there is only one. They are seeded by how well they performed in their previous polls, and the first and second round matches last three days. However, since this is the final, it will last for one week.

Let’s break down the final matchup with a quickie Dr Jack (old Chidori analysis; old Belldandy analysis)…

Black and White


Chidori is originally from the Full Metal Panic novels, which span everything from high school romance to mecha to slapstick comedy. Belldandy is originally from ああっ女神さまっ manga, which slowed evolved into a slice of life type series after 18 years. Chidori is portrayed as the violent yet sensitive protector/protectee of Sagara. FMP just doesn’t work without her. Belldandy is portrayed as the perfect yet human protector/protectee of Keiichi. AMS just doesn’t work without her. Edge: Even.



Chidori’s appeal stems from how she’s a pretty normal anime high school girl. Even though she’s a whispered, she doesn’t flount it. She can be as impulsive and strongheaded as the next person, yet turn soft the next minute. However, some of her greatest moments were when she acted larger than a mere mortal, like at the beginning of the original series where she directs Sagara into using the lambda drive for the first time… or when she becomes pissed off instead of scared going through the haunted hospital with Sagara in Fumoffu (and the memorable bike ride back)… or when took on the twincest assassin by herself, took off to a wartorn Hong Kong by herself, just to kick Sagara’s ass back in gear.

Belldandy’s appeal stems from how she’s a goddess. She’s supposed to be an almost perfect woman, yet she is not perfect. She shows her humanity with her occasional bits of jealously over K1, and, more importantly, her love with K1. However, some of her greatest moments were when she acted less like a goddess, like her pantheon scene in the movie where breaks down and decides to undergo the vaccination because it hurt her too much to not remember her memories of K1… or when she gives floors Urd and Skuld by suggesting that they name their band, “Belldandy’s Angels”… or when she gets jealous of Sayoko getting close to K1 and challenges Sayoko on the dancefloor.

One is a human who can act like a goddess… occasionally. The other is a goddess who can act like a human… occasionally. Edge: Even.

247 Responses to “championship: chidori vs belldandy”

  1. I’m sorry Chidori. ;o;

    but Belldandy….


  2. Heck… she even beat Shana… Belldandy FTW. :)

  3. come on Belldandy, lets get her winning :D she is behind by 2

  4. This is hard.. i don`t know who to vote for now x.x

  5. See, this sucks because these are two of my all time favorites! In the end, though, I have to give it to Kana-chan. A real girl wins out over an idealized goddess in my book. Sorry Bell. I still love you!

  6. Revenge time…..n_n

  7. How can Shana lose… T__T

    Ugh, don’t care… That’s the past already, as long as Chidori beats Bell by a HUGE margin, i’m fine by it…
    I’m so going to vote for Chidori…

    *starts to rally*


  8. We Shana fans need more support! burry Belldandy Alive, Votte for Chidori!!!!

  9. Yeah, Chidori for the win!!! Tsunderekko’s > goddesses.

  10. Heh, revenge… Bell wins anyway. =)

  11. Ah, but the fates are fickle! 50-50 right now!

  12. My goodness…
    Goddesses’ fans, where the hell are you? WE NEED VOTES FOR NOW!!

  13. Calm down my friends, as Jason said, we have an entire week for the final match, In just what, 7 horus more than 120 votes? This is going to be great… I think more than 1200 votes and 300 comments… why not?

    This time my vote goes to Chidori…

  14. This is damn hard. I’m fifty fifty too. I’ll swing the last minute.

  15. 13 votes down, noo

    *goes off to get more people to vote for Bell*


  16. “She can be as impulsive and strongheaded as the next person, yet turn soft the next minute.”

  17. Wow, that devoured most of my post. Alright. Just what is that quote supposed to mean? 9 out of every 10 women fit that profile. Saying “She has long hair” would have been more unique.

  18. Voting for Belldandy, but this’ll be a close race, I suspect. And thank the gods for that. :D

  19. Finally, if you wanted an idealized “real girl” up there, it’s your fault for not putting Ayukawa Modoka in the bracket.

  20. er, Madoka. Excuse me.

  21. I have a theory on the picks. It’d seem that the winning combination is not just a woman who is intriguing and essential to the plot of her series, but also has a very dynamic relationship with her male counterpart.

    Saber for example, is a very interesting character, but the Saber-emiya combo pales to the Shana-yuuji combo. So that match went to shana. Mai also lost (though in a very close match) to Bel, since while Mai seems to have as many fans singly, the Belldandy-Morisato combo is pretty hard to best.

    Suigintou, had no chance against Chidori, since while she’s an awesome character on her own, I think Hina Ichigo and Shinku would’ve had a better chance, though still not beat the Chidori-Sagara combo.

    What we have left is the two characters with the strongest male relationships, and I think a lot of guys can relate to that (or wish they could, either way are attracted to it). My vote goes for chidori, though bell comes in a very close second.


  23. A vote for Chidori is a vote for Hitler. Are you the kind of scum who would vote for Hitler?

  24. lol i think dats a little overboard. The 2 are just soo hard to choose from. i think ill just hold off my vote to think a bit. (jumps into deep thought)


    “There are many copies…”

    On the other hand, do we want Adama flashlight justice directed against Belldandy?

  26. >> 9 out of every 10 women fit that profile.

    Hence, “normal woman.” If only 1 out of 10 fit that profile, that wouldn’t be as normal.

    >> On the other hand, do we want Adama flashlight justice directed against Belldandy?

    It’s okay because Baltar will just betray Adama and screw the human race again and again and again. Would Sayoko be Starbuck 2.0 in this comparison?

  27. *happily votes for Chidori*

  28. I don’t see Baltar having too many more opportunities to screw people over after the finale of season 2. Oh sure, humanity is screwed now, but if Adama has any doubts about former Madam President Roslyn’s memory of our favorite crazy traitor attacking 6’s mouth with his tongue, they’d be dispelled by now. Additionally, plenty of imaginary “tough girl” characters fit the profile, except for the few that are ruthless and unprincipled, the very best of Miyazaki’s antagonists from Mononoke Hime and Nausicaa. Finally, a Bell cylon template would be counterproductive to any Cylon agenda intended to be malevolent.

  29. As tie as the last match…

    Indeed, their relationship with their companions are strong, but is hard to say how good each combo is better, because Chidori-Sagara had to fight evil men, mechas with Lamba Drivr, perverted maniacs, social scum, etc. Meanwhile, Belldandy and K1 really don’t have a strong enemy (sorry, I don’t read the manga, my opinion is only based on OVAs and First Season). I want to give Belldandy-Keichii the benefit of doubt

    Because I like FMP to much, my vote goes to Kaname Chidori

  30. >> It’s okay because Baltar will just betray Adama and screw the human race again and again and again. Would Sayoko be Starbuck 2.0 in this comparison?

    Haha, yes, Sayoko is Starbuck 2.0. Playing all those men at the same time…

    Someone Photoshop multiple Belldandys (Belldandii, Belldandies?) inside a Cylon Basestar. There are many copies… Hey, beats a Boomer harem anyday.

    PS: Surprised somebody actually got the Adama joke… not many people remember the Mag-Lite justice from the miniseries.

  31. hum…easy..i vote chidori…because i hate Belldandy so much .

  32. Argh! Indecision. Who do I vote for?

  33. Follow your otaku heart and will find the answer.

    ^_^ I can’t remember all those shows, maybe Mcgiver LOL…

  34. CHIDORI!!!!!!

    A real girl always wins over an idealized being created to fullfil the dreams of guys with no social skills who are too lazy to try and get them.

    Go Chidori!!!

  35. CHIDORI!

    Belldandy is to fake to me. Girls with tempors, and that have known military secrets win all the way.

  36. bell’s losing how dare they!

  37. Belldandy.

  38. >> A vote for Chidori is a vote for Hitler.

    >> A real girl always wins over an idealized being created to fullfil the dreams of guys with no social skills who are too lazy to try and get them.

    This is getting nasty. o_o;;

  39. Deshou deshou… (damm you Arinko-chan for this)

    Let it be Jason, is fun ^_^

    Imagine, this is the first day, how are going to be this week?

  40. Chidori is also a mathematical and science -genius- and can recite chemical formulas, laws of physics, and the mechanics of Sousuke’s Arbalest. (And if you’ve been keeping up with the books from Boku-tachi, she’s also a freaking genius.)

    She’s also the only person who can really scare the hell out of and unnerve Sousuke.

    Well, just about everyone can scare K1.

    Chidori Kaname for the win.

  41. Okay, and I meant “scientific genius”, the other one doesn’t make sense. And before someone snaps at me for it, yes, other people can recite laws of physics and chemical formulas, too. But not quite like Chidori.

    And I repeated that she’s a genius. That post actually isn’t very coherent. But in any case, while I like Bell – well, if Bell’s best moments are when she acts human, Chidori is -always- human.

  42. My vote is for Belldandy, but i got to say Chidori is very very cute.

    Bell is a goddess, more pretty than a human like Chidore

    Belldandy for win

  43. Another point for Chidori is… she is the only woman who can love and hate Sousuke at the same time… she is so shy with hr feelings… ^_^ so cute…

    I want more FMP! Anime. Please!! There are like 2 novels ready and one more ongoing in Japan, they have a lot of material to deal with.

  44. Chidori!!! The ONLY real answer!!

    (Bell I still luv ya tho :P)

  45. Let me see… I was wondering if there is any moment of FMP! that I didn’t like, but it seems impossible, with all the trials and tribulations of Chidori & Sousuke, you never have time to be bored.

    Chidori’s Halsiem rulez!!!

  46. Yes!! A vote for Chidori is a vote for the tsunderekko’s. And, please guys, don’t bring up Nazis ;).

  47. Yeah! I know how much “you love” Nazis, but that bunch of guys at out of the question here.

    I know FMP! bring the old URSS with Sousuke’s past, but is a different story to tell.

    Keep going Kaname, there is a long way to go.

  48. ehhhh? You know the rule – any time Hitler is invoked, the discussion is over …

    Well, a vote for Belldandy is a vote against women!!!!! ahem.

    Chidori all the way, for all the reasons people above have already listed.

  49. You all fail, how could you have even let Belldany get this far…

  50. Belldandy is a goddess~ sorry she just wins!

    She’s so sweet and wonderful. Good should prevail~!

  51. oh my oh my… it’s no contest… belldandy all the way. ;)

  52. Belldandy! Still famous after all those years!

  53. Belldandy, hands down. ‘Nuff said.

  54. the best choice is… belldandy
    more vote for bell please

  55. Chidori can beat Belldandy without problem
    As a matter of fact, Wispered rulez!!

  56. 8 point difference, she is closing in

    Belldandy all the way i say :D

  57. Damn I can finally post here.. For some reason I can’t post my msgs for the past day…

    Anyways, Go Go Goddess!! Belldandy is the Best!!

    But damn, Chidori is good too. But no I cannot let myself into the dark side…

  58. LOL the dark side

    Poor Chidori; is true that she has a dark side, but only with Sousuke and some freaking bastards who want their way with her (Kurtz Weber or Leonard Tesstarosa for example). After “Continuing on my own” I think her dark side disappears definitely because… well you have to guess why.

  59. Belldandy must win!!!! she is a goddess, Belldandy! Belldandy!!

  60. Almost 500 votes in day and a half… forget it about 1200 on friday midnight… maybe 2000 votes ^_^

    I’m still with Chidori. 244-242


  62. Chidori is teh b0mb!

    And like others have already mentioned, Chidori is more life like, compared to a fantasy Bell.

    Besides she beat Mai and Shana, my only other two favs!

    Die Bell!

  63. Wow, it swung back towards Bell.

    Go, Chidori! It’s harisen time!

  64. Bell always seems to come from behind. I see three possible explanations for this.

    1. Bell’s opponents have more rabid fanboys that vote right after the polls open, while Bell has more casual voters who do not frequent the website and vote for Bell only because they know who she is. This should not apply to Chidori though.

    2. Bell has more cheaters, who can continue to vote everyday.

    3. Jason is cheating for Bell. While I don’t think Jason would do this, this (and to a lesser extent explanation number 2) also explains why Bell always ends up winning by a close margin.

    Oh well. I don’t really care about this match anyway. Both Bell and Chidori are only decent characters IMO. I voted for Chidori only because FMP is a better series.

  65. Come to think of it, I have voted for the losing party in every match. So now that I’ve voted for Chidori, she is probably going to lose.

    My rankings:
    1. Suigintou
    2a. Saber
    2b. Shana
    4. Mai
    5. Lacus
    6. Nanoha
    7. Chidori
    8. Bell

  66. Alas, Belldandy’s goddess status precludes her from being an interesting character. My previous vote for her over Shana stemmed largely from my disagreement over Shana beating Sabre. Go Chidori, you actually make for interesting stories!

  67. May the best girl wins. Let us respect each other and have a healthy, clean fight. Support Bell!^^

  68. damn you jason, damn you… such hard choices.. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY…

    ok, now that i’ve had my moment, maybe after this is done you should have another pole as an april’s fool joke… something along the lines of “The Real Champions: Nanoha Vs. Shana”… or something XD

    oh well, voted for chidori… mostly because of teh better memories of teh entire fmp series… while i had to force myself to continue watching ah my goddess… which i still havent finished ;_;

    Everytime someone votes for Belldandy, God smites a kitten. Please, think of the kittens!

  69. hmmm…. I’m for bell…hope she wins… ^_^

    *points to all AMG fans*

    HEY! Come here all of you and vote!!! We need some more people in here!!!

  70. quote: Let us respect each other and have a healthy, clean fight.

    I say: NO

    dirty fights are good, especially ones involving goddesses :p

  71. Subarashi! I like this final match…
    Jason was right to call it “March Madness”
    O_o Indeed, everyone had a little of craziness inside…
    Feel free to cheer up your favorite…

    Fair and square? Maybe… LOL

    Almost two days and more than 540 votes… WOW

  72. Respect each other? Sure. I can do that, even if you voted for Hitler.

    But a clean fight? When the name of Hitler has already been invoked, there is no longer a possibility of that. And clean fights are boring in any case. Grab a hose, truck in some dirt, and let’s get us some mud wrestling!

    Once you can picture that in your mind, there are no losers here.

  73. I’d cheat for Belldandy anyday, but I’ll receive her wrath for doing so i.e. Lightning Bolt me. I’m sure she’ll want this to be a fair one. Chidori too since she’ll probably whack me with her Paper Fan of Intolerance. Even if Belldandy is a goddess, she can’t possibly beat a Whispered in maths. You gotta need Skuld for that. For poor physical violence, Belldandy can’t do that… you need Urd for that :P. But if it’s divine punishment, Belldandy can definitely call for it.

  74. This sure is going to become one hell of a match-up…

    Everyone’s revealling their true colours… -_-”’

    Oh well, we’re all otakus… We’ll do the craziest stuff for our beloved idols… ^___^


  75. CHIDORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For the sake of Shana..)

  76. wooo, BELLDANDY, rulez, gogo bell ^-^ we love bell

  77. T_T

    SO…HARD!!! (

    i liked both series, and liked both characters. Both showed their strengths, both showed their weaknesses.


    Here’s the long awaited coin toss.

    Heads Belldandy, Tails Chidori
    (jluglue flips coin)
    (jluglue flips coin)
    (jluglue flips coin)
    (jluglue flips coin)

    Belldandy gets the vote.

    The fates have decided.

    (Sorry Chidori, but i grew up with the AMG manga. Bring more stuff like fumoffu and 2nd raid, and i’ll consider you a little bit more. Nice 2 piece suit though)

  78. Doshuo! Doshou!

    Are you listening Kyoto Animation?
    Wew need more Full Metal Panic! anime, right now!
    “Very Dancing Merry Christmas” and “Continuing on my Own” need to be animated ^_^

    Chidori, you can do it. We still have 5 long days

  79. So sorry Bell, but I’m going to have to spite you because you beat Shana. Chidori FTW!

  80. I vote for Belldandy, even though she beat Shana… because Chidori beat Suigintou! Unforgivable~!

    And there goes another vote cast in ‘hate’ :P Though seriously, because none of my favourites made it to the final, in the end I know Belldandy better than I know Chidori so Bell gets my vote.

  81. I feel sorry for Chidori if people vote for her just to spite Belldandy. Come on Chidori lovers, show us your love for her! We of the BBB Club (Bravo Bravo Belldandy) shall stand against the CCC Club (Cool Cool Chidori)!!…. Wait… this isn’t Shuffle…

  82. Ahh Finally I can hear Shuffle! without bad memories…
    Thanks for that change Canvas 2…

    Chidori has to win this madness, because if you talk about madness, Kaname Chidori wins the price, not because she was mad, indeed because she can control herself even when all is against her; and yet after every trial or tribulation, she cries or laughs like a normal girl at her age. I love her work in TSR for that.

  83. Maths… read the manga and You’ll know that Bell is superb at maths and only loses to Skuld! Isn’t that right Bell fans? Lets have a clean, fair, honourable fight guys. May the best girl wins! (Casts Devotion on Bell)I’ll support you all the way! Heal me and do the +++ magic ok? (RO pun)^^ I like Crusaders and paladins! Go Bell! My High priest! White Mage! Angel! Cleric! Healer! Wavemaster!And most of all, my “Bidadari!!!”

  84. My vote is for belldandy!

  85. wouldnt it be priestess Hikaryu? :D

    anyway Bell, Go go go go :D

  86. Alright people, lets get this baby to 300 posts!!

  87. Belldandy forever!!!

  88. Yukino-saaaaan! You’re my favorite voice actress! Even though Inoue-san was the Manager…

  89. I feel sorry for Sousuke, I don’t remember anytime Kanade being gentle with him, well if he doesn’t cause to many problems. K1 has lucky in that department

  90. Yeah, Priestess! High Priestess! GO!GO!GO! Bell all the way!

  91. “One is a human who can act like a goddess… occasionally. The other is a goddess who can act like a human… occasionally. Edge: Even.”

    No. A goddess acting like a human is no big deal! They have infinte (or a lot) of power and can (apparently) do whatever they want.
    But for a human to be so good to be compared to a goddess, thats unique.

    And where is the love Chidori fans?!?!?!

    C’mon vote for Chidori!!!!

    Or atleast vote multiple times like the Bell fans :p

  92. I don’t even know how to vote multiple times. Bell wouldn’t like it. Let us fight with honour.

  93. noes!!!! NOT BELLDANDY!!!



  94. Belldandy FTW!

  95. A vote for Belldandy is a vote for goodness and purity.


    Can there be any contest?

  96. Goodness gracious, this isn’t over yet?

    When do the polls close?

    To all you kids out there, older women are better! Vote for Bell!

  97. O_O

    I woulda thought the poll woulda been closer.

    I said i like both characters, but voted for belldandy. But what happened to you chidori fans out there?????

  98. Come on Chidori & Shana fans…Vote for Chidori…Prove to others that we can be organised and win this….CHIDORI FTW!!!!

  99. There’s no way Chidori will win this :P Having the vote extend to a week will bring in all those older fans that prefer the “classics” or those who don’t know Chidori. And then, just the nostalgia factor of Belldandy will probably win the majority of fans over. This matchup will sadly be over in less than a week.

    Of course I’m still praying for a knockout miracle from somewhere for Chidori…

  100. Belldandy FTW!

  101. I love chidori just as any other guy………
    But my vote is with Belldandy on this one.
    Ive been in love with her since 1995, no contest.
    BELLDANDY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. May the best girl win. Bell all the way! Keep supporting Bell!!!^^

  103. Well, with the long voting period, there’s still a chance for a turnaround.

    C’mon, Chidori! Go go go!

  104. I should stop reading the site on more than one computer: I think I voted twice.

  105. As you can see…Chidori fans are those that let their actions do the talking just like Chidori herself…just look at the number of votes

    Anyway CHIDORI FTW!!!!!!

  106. Gonna have to vote Kaname Chidori here.

  107. Oh man…this is torture.

    I’m gonna have to go with Kaname…I’ve seen her go through and put up with so much crap throughout the series. Her endurance and strength of will are admirable.

    I still worship Belldandy, though. She’s on my current desktop. ^^

  108. Chidori all the way!!!! Belldandy is nice and pretty and all, but Kaname kicks major ass, and stands up for herself against a million different organizations that want to kidnap her, rape her brain, and then kill her. And lets not forget crazy men who look like women with long silver hair repeatedly proclaiming his love for her after kidnapping her, and a certain millitary misfit who loves her and would do anything for her (including blow up school lockers…)

  109. Belldandy! Definitely! She’s just too adorable 24/7 to ignore!

  110. Belldandy is so honest and pure, she is utterly perfect in every way! (aside from a massive inferiority complex…). And let us not forget, men, BELLDANDY CAN COOK!

  111. Ummm, Kaname can cook too, you know. ^_^;

  112. Beldandy is a doormat girl …!!!

  113. Belldandy IS a doormat girl, all guys will bow down to her to be her doormat.

  114. Bell all the way!
    Nobody can say no to that cute face!

  115. I vote for Kaname all the way. Belldandy just doesn’t have an…erm…opinion of her own? I mean, she has all this power and still she acts like a whimpering housewife. Ick.

  116. Chidori is really hot, but Belldandy es almost perfect, I mean, she is a goddess!!!. I support Bell-chan

    Stay Beautiful


  117. These “Belldandy is just a soft and weak doormat” posts are really weak themselves. It would be as unfair of non-FMA fans saying Chidori is just a emotionally eratic girl with fits of violence. The soft, stepped upon Belldandy was shown in the OAVs, which is only what many people have seen of AMG, they didn’t have the time to let many of her other character traits shine.

    In the TV series, she stands up against Aoshima when he is trashing talking the Auto Club and she is the one that really gets the racing challenge setup.

    In the movie, she stands up against her old mentor and his lover, challenging their ideals and stands against them, but then challenges Heaven’s decision to kill him, in order to save Keiichi.

    In the manga, she stands up to Hild when out of a fleeting moment of anger, attacks Keiichi. She even gladly accepts Hild’s race challenge, even though Hild has a faster broom (Or, vacuum cleaner).

    Just because Belldandy’s doesn’t get loud, violent and vengeful when she gets defiant, doesn’t take anything away from those moments. So… go go Belldandy!

  118. oh my goodness… bell is leading now. YAY! ;)

    …whoa. only by like, 20 votes… hah.

  119. I’ve got to say Chidori. Sorry Bell, I just think she’s cooler than you, overall. :3

  120. Don’t get me wrong, i really liked Belldandy, but it is Chidori, from my favorite anime. And my all time-fav anime girl.

    Chidori has spunk, I do think this is a little rigged, b/c Belldandy has had like a LONG LONG time to build up fans. Chidori hasn’t had that long, what is more is I don’t think many people follow the novels.

    Anyway my rant aside (which is basically b/c I’m a Chidori fan) I chose Chidori.

    Even if Bell wins (which I’ll still be happy), Chidori will still be #1 in my heart!

  121. Oh c’mon how the hell can Bell win EVERY FRIGGIN TIME by such a close margin?!?!

    Are they voting multiple times so much??

    I think us Chidori fans gotta go on the offensive now!

  122. What can i say….The best wins all!
    I like Kaname Chidori but Belldandy is always Belldandy^_^

  123. I vote for Kaname

  124. I never was able to get into the original AMG, so Chidori it is.

  125. We can’t exactly vote multiple times. It is keyed to your IP address, so you would have to go to a new location every single time you voted …quit whining when you are losing and accept that Belldandy is just a better woman!

  126. Chidori, baby – all the way!

  127. Chidori is so sexy sexy !

    My vote is for Chidori

  128. My vote is for Chidori!!!

  129. CHIDORI, no ifs, ands or buts

  130. sigh….

    stop with the “multiple votes thing”

    think about it.

    if people are capable of multiple voting for belldandy, it is just as likely people are multiple voting for chidori.

    Just let the best girl win ok?


    i voted for bell…but u also see me cheering chidori’s fans on.

  131. [quote]that Belldandy is just a better woman! [/quote]
    Oh RLY ?
    Hahaha .. Beldandy voters subconsciously vote for their mother.


  132. That’s a pretty mean thing to say.

    I’m sure many of them are doing it consciously.

  133. Belldandy, i have Faith in you. You will win.

  134. Teetering on the brink! Chidori supporters, now is time for our final push!

  135. You know what’s sad? The fact that every round Belldandy has appeared in, I have voted against her because of my spite for her perfection. And such was the case in the earlier rounds, but in this one, I know clear whom I’m voting for. Chidori. Why? She’s human. She’s not perfect. And she can actually be funny! Go, Chidori, go!

  136. Belldandy will win. Count my life on it.

  137. Belldandy isnt perfect, she has her flaws

    its getting close now, 2 vote difference

    Hope Belldandy can win by the end of the week

  138. I also just realized something: Belldandy has had an unfair advantage in this whole contest since day one. Save for her, all the other contestents have yet to hit the five year mark. Belldandy’s been around for more than a decade! Of course she’s had time to build up her power base to keep anyone else from even thinking of muscling in on her territory down like a dog. Well played, Fujishima. You’ve crafted the ultimate villain in the form of someone everyone loves.

    *walks off his with “CHIDORI, SANJOU!” flag*

  139. OMG this thing is close, Chidori goooo!

  140. Never say Bell a vilain, please.

  141. Belldandy has all the personality of a blackboard… Chidori is clearly the more interesting character.

    Go, Chidori!

  142. Belldandy is the greatest, if i were Keichi i would have made the same wish, sure Chidori may have be a bit more interesting. With Bell here flaws make her more human and though she may be soft spoken her beauty and power is strong and resilliant like no other. In the end who can beat the perfection of a goddess!!!

    GO BELL!!!

  143. Go Chidori…Everyone please vote for her…She’s a much more realistic character compared to Belldandy…We’re so close already…

  144. Last comment; I promise.

    Going over the polls, I’ve come to the conlusion had Belldandy never been inducted into this, then things would have been on a more even keel. it should have been made for characters whose creation was within five years. Granted, it would have never gotten this heated, but it probably would have been better that way. Then perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing the ‘Chidori=Hitler’ angle or the “Bell is teh h4x0rs!” comments among the voters.

    That being said, now show my churlish bias again by reiterating my previous statements. Bell is perfect, boring, and as evil as they come and she will win because she has the voters eating out of her hands.

    I hate the fact that Bell’s going to win again over a character that actually changes and grows. If you’d placed Yoko Nakajima from 12 Kingdoms here, she probably would have gotten kicked out of the first round because there’s next to no fanservice with her design, despite the fact she’s got more character in her pinky than Bell does in her immaculate body.

    Meh, I say, meh.

  145. Really? Interesting…. Bell 4 eva!!!!!!!

  146. >> 144

    This is obviously from a person who has no knowledge of the AMG storyline in any of its incarnations, and should thus be ignored. Belldandy is plenty dynamic, and in fact is FAR more realistically dynamic than many other anime characters. Just because she doesn’t have a complete personality makeover every episode doesn’t mean she doesn’t change. Why do you all have to keep bashing the characters? This is a fanpage, not a discussion page.

  147. I suppose the others are right.

    No matter how much we love Chidori, Bell will inevitably win because she has a large fanbase of…older otakus :p They will prefer perfection and maturity to young and fun.

    Clearly had Chidori been around as long as Bell or had Bell been introduced back in 2002 the outcome of this battle would have been obvious: Chidori!

    So I think in the end Bell would win simply because of her age! HA!

  148. >>144

    You might want to fact check there buddy:

    Don’t know which book this is in the series, as I don’t read Japanese, but the publishing date (you have to scroll down a bit to see it) says 1998/12, which is more than five years ago.

    As to Belldandy’s personality…at least she is honest with herself about her feelings for Keiichi, which is much more than we can say for poor Chidori, who has gone through 2 entire series before she would even admit to herself that she liked Sauske, and even then she would deny it most of the time. I honestly got sick of the “I love you I hate you” crap way back with Love Hina. Not that I don’t enjoy the mechaness of FMP!. Or Tessa. Mmmm, Tessa…

  149. Aw crap. Sorry for the double post, but the date there says 1999/03. I’m not so sure that Amazon is wront though, as this page lists it at 1998/12:

    And my bad for not tinying the last post, I wasn’t thinking straight because of all the Belldandy hating.

  150. Wow…in the middle of the summer heat(its hot in here in the philippines), the race for the championship is heating up…i wonder who will win? ^_^

  151. Who says Bell is no fun? Have you people actually read AMG?
    And stop calling her names. So far most Chidori fans only know how to diss Belldandy. Do you see many of us cursing Chidori? Shame on yourselfs. Say something nice about Chidori instead. Sheesh, Chidori’s Paper Fan should be used on some of the kids here.

  152. >141

    Yeah, the Belldandy bashing is pretty lame. We speak of Belldandy’s gentle refinement, her strong heart and will, her ability to show how she feels without shouting. And what do the Chidori fans do?

    “She’s a wimp!”
    “She has no personality!”

    Considering Belldandy behaves quite nicely and evenly throughout everything that goes on, you can say she has a personality. Chidori mainly just reacts to the situation, rather than contribute herself. So you could say she lacks one.

  153. I’m sure Chidori will smack her own fans for insulting other people. Bell all the way! Bell forever!!!! Attack! Kiai!!!! Ike!!!!

  154. oh come on i had chidori wallpaper for a LONG time without even knowing who she was so CHIDORI!!!!!!!!

  155. Since other side bash Bell i guess i should Chidori too then.

    I got enough Chidori’s paper fan and incapableness to admit own feelings to Sousoke during first series. Fumoffu and second raid were good, but not because of her. More like she wasn’t irritating enough to ruin those too.

  156. 7 votes to reach 1000 votes… YAPARI ^_^

    Only two mor days, I can’t believe my beloved Chidori is losing by 13 votes, C’mon brothers, one last standing for Full Metal Panic! Universe

    Nanimonai dakara ^_^

  157. Belldandy is my choice. Who wouldn’t as she is so sweet and kind.

    Besides, nobody is perfect, its how we fix the mistakes we have made or have let by, espeically if with others that heals the wounds.

  158. man….

    i see chidori fans lashing out at belldandy.
    i see belldandy fans defending.

    i’m kinda disappointed that i consider myself a chidori fan.


  159. i wonder if jason is secretly laughing at us for acting like this, knowing that neither character has one, since it could be a april fools joke XD

    *pulls up a chair and some popcorn and watches to bell and chidori camps dish out the damage*

  160. lol

    it’s also funny watching how belldandy and chidori have influenced their fans.

    belldandy fanbase: we love her, defend defend defend

    chidori fanbase: bash bash bash (paper fans still sting!!)

    belldandy fan: (well, me at least) c’mon chidori fans. you can do better than this! Rally!

    chidori fan: belldandy sucks! how could u vote for someone who sucks????


    i’d like to see how this continues….but then again, the last 20-30 posts are all rehashed ideas for both sides.

  161. haha it is kinda interesting how each characters persona’s take on how other people banter on :p

  162. >>160

    Nice point, that’s explain a lot. =)

  163. The 1000th vote must be for Belldandy. C’mon guys, blow Chidori away!

  164. Yup, it was. Good for Bell!!! Keep going!!!GOGOGO!!!

  165. Oh Egg! Oh Egg! I’m going to mix you, going to mix you!

  166. Re: the anti-Belldandy posts – maybe those are votes AGAINST Belldandy, and not votes for Chidori? Does Chidori inspire as much rage and hatred that Belldandy does? :P

  167. Man!!!Chidori still has a chance!!!Chidori inspired mua…hahaha…gile la u hikaryu!!!

  168. Belldandy is leading again, Thank God. Hmmm…. do I know you? “Mr./Ms./etc Don’t listen to hikaryu” you seem to speak my local tongue……… Anyways, may the best girl win, Bell all the way! May God bless us all with his big Barakah, especially Bell and her fanz!

  169. yay! belldandy is leading…but… omg. only like, 20 votes. waaah! goooo bell! ;)

  170. If there’s anything I hate more, it’s being talked down to. Apologies to the site owner in advance.

    My reasons for picking Chidori over Bell is as follows:

    (Spoilers for The Second Raid and further into the AMG manga apply here)

    There’s a single poingant scene in “The Second Raid”, where Chidori, finding no alternative to helping Sousuke get a hair cut, decides to do it herself. During that time, between slight and careful snips to make sure she doesn’t take off too much, she gently whispers into his ear, “I trust you, Sousuke.” Having only seen that and a few episodes of Fumofuu, I would venture a guess that this would have been nigh impossible in the first series, and only somewhat unlikely in the second, but to go so far as to say that she has grown to trust in Sousuke the way she has, shows a definate evolution of character. And it shows even more when the end of the series happens. And when he has to leave, she has to survive by her wits, the clothes on her back, and a little bit of luck to outwit a first rate assassin. She has no god-moding powers to make an easy escape with, no back-up, no nothing. Again, this would never had happened in the first FMP series.

    Second; don’t misunderstand me; I think Bell’s a sweet girl and all, but I just think her character has gotten stagnent or ,rather, she’s too ideal. She trusted K1 from the beginning of the series and has not faltered in the least. That’s not entirely a bad thing, but it’s not entirely a good thing either.

    The reason why some people prefer flawed characters is because we want to see them overcome those flaws and become better people. Bell’s flaws, however few there are, are mere quirks that can be just shrugged off until the next time they occur since it’s not a real problem. That also goes in tune with her character, which is meant to be in the present, the now, if you will. It makes an interesting character concept, yes, but it certainly doesn’t make an interesting character for growth. Also, FMP and AMG are two seperate genres. The former’s action, the latter’s ‘slice-o-life-ian’. However, given how long AMG’s gone, you’d think there was some sort of overarching plot. I mean, it’s been more than ten years and K1 and Bell still sleep in seperate rooms.

    And despite the assumptions of others, I have read the manga, even up to some of the more recent scanlations, seen the original Animeigo OAVs, the movie, and even the Mini-Goddess series.

    But, I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Hild appeared during the ‘Angel Eater’ arc. Hild planted a demon inside of Bell and it looked like my longest and most evil wish had come true: Dark Side Belldandy. But alas, it was not to be since, Bell’s personality is so unchanging, that she purified the demon itself. It was a wasted oppertunity for some actual character development, but it looks like I was asking for too much.

    In closing; I’m sorry that people find my opinion disagreeable, but what else is new?

    Again, apologies to the site owner for a long and pedantic post for something so trivial in the long run.

  171. Interesting opinion, nonetheless…. Bell all the way! Till the end of time for all eternity! Good night you guys! Good night Bell! Oyasumi…

  172. Hurrah for peantic posts!

  173. Damn you people are pathetic. Getting so worked up over which anime character is more popular.

    Regardless of who wins this match, it’s still nothing more than a POPULARITY contest. It’s not like “OMG! Bell/Chidori won! that must mean she is superior!1111111”.

  174. *sweatdrop* of course it’s just a popularity contest, but we can still be fans, can’t we?

  175. … bel looks more…realistic…
    funny since she’s the goddess O_O;

  176. Belldandy,the perfect anime female

  177. Okay, I’ve voted for Belldandy. Now leave me alone.

  178. …do you really need to ask this?

    After all, any normal person would know the answer immediately.

    Belldandy. Without question, Belldandy.

  179. D:

    I voted for Kaname. Fact is, I’ve never read AMG though I’d like to.

    Why are people arguing over a poll? DX

  180. *Chants*
    Win, Belldandy
    We’ll always be there to support you^^

  181. WTF…SABER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

    :looks up at bracket:…oh…sigh…

    lol jk

  182. >> 170

    nothing wrong with long posts

    so long as it’s not about bashing.


    Notice after my posts, all the belldandy bashers have just….quieted down?

    That leaves the remaining people to argue about why they like their fav. girl more.

    Keep it up.

    (yah…i’m still weirded out how shana beat saber by so big a margin)

    May the best girl win.


  183. OMG

    i didn’t realize chidori caught up so fast again.

    NOBODY SNEEZE!!!! (jluglue glares at voters)

    You might push chidori over belldandy!!!

  184. Bell fans, lets all stay alert and Keep our heads up at all times. Constant Vigilance! Bell all the way! Lets all ask her to cook for us afetr this ok?

  185. so i’m just re-reading the posts here again.

    just realized.

    Why do most non-belldandy fans think belldandy’s perfect, too perfect, and hence not vote for her?
    (The whole “she’s too perfect, hence no personality” arguement)

    Why do most belldandy fans see her flaws, and still vote for her?????
    (The whole “no, she’s not perfect, look at her moments of insecurity, makes her more human” arguement)

    Why do some belldandy fans refuse to see her faults, and vote for her because she’s “absolutely perfect”

    Why do most non-chidori fans think that chidori’s personality is way too overdone, point out her flaws, and hence not vote for her?
    (The whole “i’m tired of seeing rehash of love/hate relationships, she needs to move on” arguement)

    Why do most chidori fans think that, because chidori isn’t “perfect,” she’s more believable, and hence vote for her because she’s become perfect in their mind?
    (The whole “I vote for chidori cuz she’s more human, and cuz if that she’s perfect in my mind” arguement)

    And Why do some chidori fans….wait…..rephrase.
    And Why are some people voting at all just to spite belldandy? –I haven’t seen a chidori spite vote yet–
    (The whole “Belldandy beat Shana, GO CHIDORI GO, EVEN THOUGH I DON’T LIKE YOU, OR KNOW YOU, BUT PLEASE BEAT BELLDANDY!” arguement)

    AND WHY OH WHY did the chicken cross the road?
    (The whole “to get to the other side” arguement)


    Can i retract my vote? I’m voting for the chicken.

  186. I vote because I love Bell. No more, no less. There might be some peoplo like me…

  187. the chicken heard taco bell was offering “free food” on the other side of the road >.>

    oh, and, yet another…

    CHIDORI FTW!!! ummm… ROCK THE VOTE!!! (rehash! weee!)

  188. There’s a lot of people voting more than once. I added a view results without voting feature. I don’t care if you want to get your friends to vote, but please don’t vote more than once. I’m sick of counting, but there’s at least 50 people who voted more than once, and out of those 50, it seems like 45 voted for Chidori. If I catch it again between now and when the poll closes, I’ll dock Chidori 500 votes.

    Here’s some people caught red-handed. (Only pickin’ on ya since you have blogs. ^^)

    Image Hosted by

  189. …..


    as i was saying…..

  190. too bad we had some belldandy culprits too….

  191. Still kinda interesting to note that 90% were Chidori fans.

  192. Definately Chidori!!

  193. lol! tsk tsk chidori fans!! :D hahah… ;) but we can still understand ya on some level… you’re fighting hard for her pride!

    that’s respectable. :) hehehe

    on any note, go belldandy! :D

  194. Just goes to show that Chidori fans can’t be trusted. Belldandy for the Default!

  195. lol what if people are both chidori and belldandy fans? :D

    haha… we can’t generalize it… cuz i think i might download … what is this anime? full metal panic? and see for myself who chidori really is.. haha… i probably will become a fan. ^_^

  196. Whatever the chances are, there is still hope…That Bell WILL win…beacause she and Keiichi truly define what love is, not beacause she is a goddess. To those who negatize her image, i say unto you… Even though the AMG series ends immediately or lasts up to five or more years, we will still support her as best we can. That is a statement i shall stand by till the day i go on to the next life, or better yet, till time ends.
    Anyone objects…and he will indeed feel the meaning of “NUCLEAR HELL”.
    To ALL AMG Fans…
    Let us regroup, gather our forces, and with all our power, capabilities, strength and courage, deliver a crushing defeat to the enemy, as we have done to the Global Liberation Army…right NOW!
    Thus I have spoken.

    -General Starr
    USA Multitechnological General

  197. don’t get me wrong.

    I’m not generalizing overall.

    I’m generalizing what i’m reading.

    LOL, what if ppl are both a fan of belldandy and chidori?
    Ok, i’ll add that entry

    And WHY do belldandy and chidori fans (ppl that like both, aka ME) always put these long, annoying posts that tries to calm both sides down, as well as reiterate why both girls are good….without really accomplishing anything?
    (the whole “belldandy is good, but so is chidori, why can’t we all just be friends?” arguement)



    BTW, do watch full metal panic 1, fumoffu, and 2nd raid.

    It’s a decent series. Chidori’s fairly interesting, just not nearly as fleshed out compared to belldandy. I think if you read the novels, (anime based on them), chidori would be even more interesting, though i can’t read jap.

    And for fumoffu, i haven’t laughed so hard ever since azumanga daioh. (I would’ve loved to see sakaki thrown into the mix)

    But again, growing up with belldandy, i know exactly what kinda character she is.

    Both are interesting.

    But comparing…well…Belldandy FTW, though i dun mind if chidori wins too.

  198. There is still hope. Let us make Bell win this championship once and for all!!!!!! Kiai!!!! We have a goddess on our side! Only God can defeat us!

  199. er…that last post was for MAX

  200. LOL


    if God voted, it’d still only be 1 vote. =P

  201. Hehehehehehe…..If God voted….who he votes will win no matter what you do. Question is, is he neutral, with Chidori, or Bell?

  202. (maybe kind of spoiler from AMG if you haven’t seen any of it.)

    But why would God vote Chidori here? He himself hired Belldandy as main secretary to maintain customer service of heaven and clearly liked her. =)

    So there isn’t anyone who could stop Bell. =)

  203. the Almighty did that now? or are u just making things up? O_o

  204. In the story….yes. Reality, only the ones with the eyes of the heart knows. In other words, the chosen ones.

  205. Ok, lets get this to 300 posts! Reading all this is finally getting fun.

  206. I dont think many Bell haters voted for Chidori. Coz if they had, then the situation would be quite different right now!

    And even thought its a pity that Bell will win, atleast us Chidori fans put up a good fight.

    But then again these types of things are neither fair nor decisive. Its not fair coz Bell has had almost a decade’s lead from Chidori (first AMG OVA in 93). And its not decisive coz the newer generation will, and by large more guys with a realistic look on anime females, will go for Chidori.

  207. An eye for an eye. An advantage against another advantage. Sounds pretty fair to me. Depends on how you use the given advantage.

  208. Belldandy, of course. I like Chidori though.

  209. Come to think of it, I haven’t “tithed” for Bell this week yet…

    Time to hit the anime stores! Buy, buy, buy!

  210. Was there ever any doubt that Belldandy would take this thing home, given the way she’s been winning by a margin of 1-2% each time, and her opponents always lose dozens of decisive votes in the crucial home stretch? It’s like watching the Yankees or the Jackson-Kobe-Shaq era Lakers come back time after time after time – oh no, wait, it’s like watching Bob Davidson steal runs from the US’s opponents game after game in the WBC. Belldandy! You are the Yankees to me! The YANKEES!!!!

  211. “I want to play the recorder!!”

  212. I like Bell singing better.

  213. after much thought for me its belldandy all the way wahaha!!!

  214. um…the surge in belldandy votes is scaring me..

    this comes after jason’s notice.

    If it’s legit votes, no problems.

    If it’s an attempt by certain people to throw the vote…


  215. Hey! Jason… March is over… so, Belldandy has won…

    Damn it! that was close… congratulations Belldandy fans.

  216. Thank you very much.(Bows Down). That was a good fight. Is it really over?

  217. I vote for Chidori because the next best character in the FMP! Series. The first being Sgt. Sousuke Sagara. =)

  218. It has to be Chidori
    She’s the best, no doubts of that!
    Love her!

  219. Wow…General Belldandy is victorious…and her fans’ strategic ‘spread the news’ have been an effective factor in Chidori’s defeat.However, Chidori’s fans have also shown admirable determination in sending reinforcements for her, only defeated by the fact that AMG came out earlier than FMP. I am hoping now for a one-on-one with Belle XD : Multitehnological Superiority vs. Heavenly Power :
    On 2nd thought… i don’t stand a chance…Her face alone is enough to defeat me ^_^

  220. I completely agree, Bell’s face is the best in the manga and anime world.It would just be soo good if they added Bell to the PS2/3 or PC game. A new title, not the old games. I would stay loyal to that franchise game untill they release another game of Bell.

  221. Chidori FTW! She kicks ass AND she’s hot. Not to mention she doesn’t need goddess powers or that cutesy personality to get people to like her. :D

  222. Chidori is a mean loud bitch. Belldandy is a sweet kind loving goddess. I choose Belldandy-chan!

  223. Belldandy for the win!

  224. Belldandy rulleezzzz

  225. Chidori for the win!! And btw, Shana rocks! XD

  226. Shana lost to Belldandy?? O_o Damn…

    Well I go for *Stronger women* Its gonna be Chidori Kaname for me

  227. There’s but ONE true Goddess of the anime multiverse:


    Nuff’ said!

  228. CHIDORI!!! CHIDORI FOREVER!!! She’s the most beautiful, amazing Anime-Girl I know!!

  229. Belldandy!! Beat that girl. Even Chidori is cute, beautiful or what soever, Bell is the only goddess in my heart, the only one who is kind, beautiful and generous.


  231. waaaguh! gotta be belldandy! much better figure! much nicer perosn i say!! :-D

  232. Belldandy~~~ I love u all the time~~~T_T~~~ Com’on… u’ll be the winner~~~

  233. Im voting 4 Kaname Chidori over Belldandy. She’s human not a goddess.i luv her personality. She can express herself except her feelings, so cute!!! She’s kind and beautiful. Kana-chan FTW. Absolutely luv Kaname Chidori!!!!!

  234. The only girl who would hand knit a sweater for their man would be Bell. And Sayoko said: You’re a lier. You’re not a Goddess, hand knitting a sweater… you’re just a normal girl.



  237. My GOD.

    You people need to accept the facts.

    Personally, I’d make Nanoha win, but still…

  238. Chidori FTW. But Bell is awesome too. ^_^

  239. nothing can beat a freaking Norn Goddess, u crazy mortals.
    GO BELL!

  240. I’ll vote for Kaname Chidori. She’s so beautiful and has a very good personality.

  241. Bell all the way to the top LOL

    Chidori is well she 5th best on my list Naru, Motoko from love Hina and Belldandy are my top!!

    So go belldandy!! Its uncommon name to so yep ill go with Bell

  242. Belldandy cannot be defeated by mere mortal.

  243. Chidori cant match Belldandy, she’s a goddess!!:P

  244. HEY!! thats over kill….chidori cant match belldandy except if belldandy’s power is taken from her she would be just an ant for chidori to step on….:p

  245. Belldandy. HELLO. D< How dare you say you hate her. I hate you too. Lol.

  246. Bell for sure, bitches. :P

  247. Belldandy all the way.

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