ponytail shana vs nekomimi “ayane”

Who had the better makeover?

The new, improved, even loli-er looking Shana…


… or the nekomimi, still maiden Akane?

Either way, is it too early to start an online petition for a 26 episode Fumoffu-like Shana sequel featuring twin ponytail Shana? (Is there any way in hell twin ponytail Shana would have lost March Madness? I say no. I blame the anime for not incorporating such a lolilicious development.)

Or my previously pimped idea of a harem series starting Kazuya, Akane, and her nekomimi? (Though I think this has already happened… named Tsukuyomi or something odd like that… just replace “kiss” with “male protein transfer” and there ya go.)

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  1. 2 votes in, Nekomimi is winning by an outrageous 100%

  2. Yeah, I think that Akane’s robe beats out all the others. I just wish I could have seen her fight. Is it me or does it look like her boobs are mashed together?

  3. Miss Maria!

  4. I’m still scarred from reading the My HiME manga and seeing her dress herself and Kazu up in catears, frills, and anything that struck her fancy. Sorry Akane, I just can’t vote your way.

  5. What no fill-in category what sham of a democracy is this?! Oh wait, you blog your rules. Shana looks absolutely adaorable with the twin pony tial look thoguh I think we have seen it before in ep nine at the pool. I guess the meon-pan just raises the cute factor.

    Granted Shana is kawaii-desu. I do sympathize with our poor Nekomimi Otome, who is stuck with an Emperor who can’t keep his hands to himself, and has an abominable notion of romance. Love hotel, c’mon Kazu you have to treat a lady right. Add to the fact that they suffered the depradations of the KKK, Akane is harping on my pity strings.

    However I never despair for I have the mighty D6 (I left my D20 behind T_T). On a +4 I vote Akane, and…a 6. Akane wins because the Dice Gods have spoken.

    I must congradualte the High Lord of AOMM conveniently forgetting about Miss Maria during the primary. We all know she would have won by a landslade. Ye Grand Olde Lady of the Otome school to Kung Fu master and poster Girl for anti-aging products. How deliciously under handed.

    -Divorce is probably of nearly the same date as marriage. I believe, however, that marriage is some weeks the more ancient.

  6. Another loli vs non-loli match? Someone should do a “who would you rather see presiding over your death?” Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) vs. Momo (Shinigami no Ballad) all loli match.

  7. Two Words: Overboob, Underboob.

    Flawless Victory.

  8. C’mom, Akane can NEVER EVER lose this …. O_o… she’s just too good in this nekomimi outfit. She’s got sexy bust, stripes, reddish face&nekomimi. Don’t let me down on this, guys…vote Akane, for Shinsou’s sake!

  9. i agree with melange. This poll tells more like which type of female has more fans than which girl is best. Then again i don’t know if that’s intentional.



    (And what the hell, Shana again?? No more lolis please… I’m sick of it.)

    You know what? This should have been a match between Akane and Binchotan! Sexed Kitten vs Uber Loli.

  11. Shana FTW…..As for Akane…Neko gin-sama is better!!!!

  12. Shana, of course.

  13. Shana, without a doubt. Even with Akane’s partially exposed “melonpan” and neko-mimi, shana’s way cooler

  14. OK..omg…you guys need to stop the loliness…loliphilie is bad . Neko Akane-chan rule…just freakin check her out compared to the non-develloped still freakin young Shana . >_

  15. >> 6

    “Cutest God of Death” was my original idea, but I liked this one more. And you forgot the ultimate loli death god…

  16. >>15
    Forgive my ignorance but may I ask who? ^^0

    As for Nekomimi Akane… well I like Akane and all but that outfit just looks fugly. It just felt so schizophrenic how she’s given the serious treatment in the series until her disappearance… then got remade into a gag character.

  17. I’m sorry, but what? Nekomimi vs. Shana²? Strange poll… I say we need to throw meido into the mix. Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe says… Shana.

  18. Shana for the win.

    Akane nekomimi wont save her dying marriage career.

  19. Nekomimi!

    I’m desparate for a spin-off series showing Kazuya and Akane trying to go at it all over the place while continually being stopped by all sorts of stuff going on. It’d be the way Ai Yori Aoshi should have been. :)

  20. Nekomimi!!!!

    cat girls > lolicon

  21. Geh, it’s obvious there’d be more Shana fans voting in this poll. Come on, Akane only had her few minutes of fame in Mai Otome (hell, maybe just seconds). So I guess it can’t be helped if Akane loses.

    But still, is the Nekomimi fetish a thing of the past? I can’t believe we’re actually losing to some loli with twintails… (Hopefully when SS releases their subs, more pple will come to know the goodness of Akane Nekomimi)

    Then again, I think even more people will be impressed by Miss Maria. Damn, this should have been a poll of Loli Twin Ponytail vs Rejuvenated Spinster Babe.

  22. No make that Loli Twin Tail vs Rejuvenated Spinster with Uber Cool Ahoge.

  23. Nekomimi wins all. The only thing that nekomimi does not defeat is nekomimi maido.

  24. Sorry, but I have to say Nekomimi does NOT fit her in any way.

  25. Shana of course…especially against someone in such a tacky outfit.

  26. shana ftw!!! she the cutest of them all!

  27. oh and u who like nekomimi ur just looking at her chest and judging.that neko chick isnt cute AT ALL!!!

  28. agree with animeotakuchan
    just because a girl has big bust size doesnt mean shes cute
    look at that neko girl.she’s not 1 bit cute!
    i vote shana too

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