five screens for the week

Trying out this gimmick… five quick thoughts on five episodes that I don’t want to write full entries for…

Da Capo SS 26

Even though I knew it was coming, I still can’t stop shaking my head. On the bright side, not only does Nemu not have to change her last name, the superior girls, Yoriko (Misaki) and Kotori, are freed up from Jun’ichi’s grasp.

Air Gear 1

You know an anime’s terrible if they need a hot bath scene in the first four minutes. Ringo’s seiyuu is just inappropriate for the role– way too squeaky and childlike. And what’s Rie Tanaka doing in this mess?

Kage Kara Mamoru 10

“Asami… dinner!” Hotaru lives in poverty with all these boxes… she makes artificial flowers… if she has an useless mother lounging around in the back, it would have been the greatest non-lesbian non-twincest non-squirrel pr0n anime moment ever. She ends up being my favorite character from Kage Kara… I just can’t bring myself to root for banana girl.

Magikano 11

Wait, Ayumi gets a tiny stuffed cat toy while Fuyuno scores a gold bar?

Densha Otoko 7

Saddest moment ever. I haven’t cried like this since the last season of Felicity.

5 Responses to “five screens for the week”

  1. Da Capo 26: Here here, fools need to stick together, besides sis-con fanatics need to have their days too.

    Kage Kara Mamoru 10: Go proletarian ninja! The only reason why banana girl will succeed is because she can easily be mislead into a bathroom to get her out of the way. Comes in handy during harem maintenance.

    Magikano 11: One more reason for Ayumi-tan to marry the doormat, family first.

    Densha Otoko 7: What you have them too, or did they get lost during a move?

  2. Magikano 11: She got a cookie in a gold wrapping, IIRC, which made it look like a gold bar. All the girls got bracelets, except for Ayumi who got the individualized gift.

  3. That Densha Otoko screen brings back some good memories of that show. Man was it good!

  4. >> What you have them too, or did they get lost during a move?

    She made him give up his Keroro puppets! Love makes people do crazy (and dumb) things.

    >> She got a cookie in a gold wrapping, IIRC

    That screen was from 20:22, and from there to the credit roll, Fuyuno doesn’t unwrap the thing.

  5. She unwrapped it earlier, IIRC – let me rewatch that ep and find the reference.

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