haruhi wallpaper no.1

My current desktop. Nothing melancholy about it.

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  1. Yep nothing melancholy about it. Haurhi is looking at the sky and still looks angry…must be a lack of UFOs. Oh wait, her eyebrows are fixed in that postion. Where’s the red arm band?

  2. I also just noticed that the flower is red indicating a Tuesday, nice touch.

  3. It looks to me more like Haruhi has that ‘devil may care’ grin on her face than anger.

  4. *bows respectfully to jason-sama*

    Arigatou gozaimasu!!

    Seriously, Ive been looking for a nice new wallpaper, mine has been stuck with the same image for a month already :).

    Haruhi 4TW!!

  5. Ahhhh, nothing like waking up to some Yuki.. You win.

  6. Wow, I was using the exact same wall paper. A deja-vu moment here?

  7. hey jason, have you seen this? i thought it was entertaining. :) Haruhi ED Gundam parody.


  8. Awesome… some people just have too much free time. Thanks for the link.

    Though now I want to see one with the Otome girls.

  9. did she ‘grow’ O_O;

  10. i thought this was shana for a minute ! Lol!

  11. i did too@post above~~

  12. This wallpaper..doesnt even look like the show.. T_T

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